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4 Tzahal St., Zichron Ya'akov
Tel: 04-6290390, 04-6290999

Kashrut: Rabbanut Zichron Yaakov

Open Sundays thru Thursdays from 8:00am till 9:00 pm. Fridays from 8:00am till 3:00pm . Closed Shabbat.

Updated May 2018
Casa Barone is a boutique hotel and restaurant located on the western slopes of Zichron Yaakov. The hotel/restaurant is in a quiet neighborhood outside downtown Zichron facing the breathtaking beauty of the coastal plain. The restaurant overlooks the fish ponds and the banana groves along the Mediterranean coast. Note that the property is not handicapped friendly.

The restaurant has a pleasant rustic feel with a lovely outdoor patio. It is one of the lovliest properties in the city. In appropriate weather one can dine on the spacious terrace under the grapevines and enjoy the cool, invigorating sea breeze. Tarry for a moment, have a seat, view the wide-open spaces.

In the evening Casa Barone Restaurant offers a meat dinner. There is an extensive menu with fixed price dinners and a la carte choices. Vegetarian meals are available.

April 2018
We came to Casa Barone as a group of six couples to celebrate a siyum, the completion of studying Gomorrah Shabbat (Tractate Shabbat of the Babylonian Talmud). This project had taken over two years, so it was quite a celebration for us. The occasion was one of friendship and warmth, and warranted a place of beauty and good food.

We met on a Monday evening at 6:30 in the evening, in time to have a view of the sun setting into the Mediterranean off the coast of Zichron Yaacov. It took a while for everyone to assemble, so we waited on the porch with the wonderful view and cool breezes as the sun got closer to the horizon and the sky turned red. At the appointed time, we went inside, where our table was set next to the window so that we continued to have the sea view. The spacious dining area and the quiet atmosphere made this an excellent location for our siyum. We could all hear as we learned the last part of the masechet together.

The servers waited till after we finished the siyum to put out the food. After we finished learning very polite servers brought out the food. We had ordered the prix fixe group menu at 89 shekels per person. This menu includes a multitude of first courses that are brought out on multiple plates all over the table, within reach of everyone: warm loaves of fresh bread, olives, humus, tehina, garden salad with fruit, roasted eggplant with herbs, cauliflower salad with cherry tomatoes, radish and cilantro, and a crispy wrap filled with chicken. There were pitchers of orange and lemon drinks and water. All of the first courses were refilled until we were ready for the main dishes. The salads were very tasty. The humus was excellent, and only the roasted eggplant was mildly spicy. The chicken wrap was a favorite.

Under the agreement that we had made with the restaurant, each person was entitled to choose one of three main dishes: a hamburger on a bun, with fries (chips in Israel), grilled chicken breast, or kababs. The chicken breast and kababs came with rice and crisp string beans. One non-meat eater in our group added 25 shekels to the price of the dinner and got a tasty grilled salmon.

Espresso or black coffee and tea were served at the end of the meal. Dessert is available at an extra cost, but we decided to pass. We were very satisfied with the service which was prompt, friendly and attentive. We enjoyed our time at Casa Barone, and some of us plan to go back there soon.

The restaurant has a capacity of up to 110 guests in wintertime and another 50 in summer on the terrace.

Getting There:

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