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5 Mishmar Haam, Old Katamon, Jerusaelm
Tel: 077-9973599
Kashrut: mehadrin

Open Thursday evenings: 5:00pm till 11:00pm only

It's an Oneg Shabbat Happening
Thursday evenings 5pm - 11:pm
Whet your appetite for Shabbos on Thursday night, with cholent, kugel, beer and entertainment.
Live music from 8:30 - 11:00pm
The happening

eLuna special 5 - 8:pm: One free portion of Shi Shi Shuk salad with your eLuna coupon when 2 guests order a minimum NIS 100 at the Cholent Bar.

Cholent + Kugel + a Can of Soda
Parve NIS 39/ Meaty NIS 49
Cholent + Kugel + Beer
Parve NIS 47/ Meaty NIS 55
Cholent + Kugel + a Glass of Wine
Parve NIS 53/ Meaty NIS 62
Just Nash NIS 29
* Shnitzlonim in sweet chili
* Wings in sweet chili
* Stir fried meaty mix
* Mix of parve stuffed foods
* Stuffed grape leaves
* Chopped liver served with pickles and bread
NIS 16, NIS 18 and NIS 25
Soft drinks, Beer, Wine, Whiskey

Click here for a free starter on your next visit to Cholent Bar. Print out this coupon and present it at the restaurant.