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Bar and Chef Burger Restaurant

The Island Hotel. 10 Oved Ben Ami, Netanya
Tel: 09
Kashrut: Rabbanut Netanya


Open Sunday - Thursday: 12:00 noon- 1:00 am. Thursday till 3:00am. Motzash till 1:00am. Closed Friday and Shabbat.


December 2018
A restaurant has to have a sense of humor to call itself Chubbys. Chubbys is an informal bar/restaurant inspired by American hamburger joints. In fact the original owners of the restaurant traveled around America, getting inspiration for the restaurant and ideas to bring home. An American chef from Las Vegas helped build the menu, and the combinations are not to be found in most Israeli burger restaurants.

The dcor at Chubby's is colorful, with painted brick walls, some bar stools, but mostly tables for four against the banquettes at the wall, and more tables on the patio facing the sea. The outdoor space with the view of the sea would be the place to sit in the summer, but on the cold rainy night when we ventured out to the restaurant we sat indoors.

The Chubby's Menu
The Chubby's menu will make you smile. The spicy chicken wings starter is called Angry Birds, onion rings are listed as Lord of the Rings, and a spicy Mexican style burger called Gringo. I wont burden you with the other puns. Searching for non-meat dishes, we chose to share the vegetarian starter of Fried Cauliflower. This dish can be as tame or as spicy as you want, because surrounding the crisp cauliflower florets on a bed of roquette is everything you need to get the flavor you like. There are three puddles of tahini, and three of grilled tomato salsa with chili, and half a toasted roll. My companion had the tame version, and I had the hot version, all from the same platter.

For my main course, I had the Sin City burger, which came highly recommended by the waitress. What makes this dish sinful is the Foie Gras on top of the burger and truffle mayonnaise on the side. The burger comes on a thick bun with a generous amount of lettuce, tomato, pickle and onion marmalade. It was cooked to a perfect medium, at my request the grill man knows what he is doing. A cold glass of Wiehenstephan beer from the tap was a refreshing accompaniment.

The burger comes with a choice of fries on the side, so I chose the Omami Fries, home made fries with smoked garlic slivers and truffle oil. Truffle flavored touches appear in several dishes on the menu; truffle seems to be a flavor theme at Chubbys. I found the truffle flavoring a nice touch both on the burger and the fries. It is a nice and elegant ingredient that you dont see often with burgers.

There are two non-meat burgers on the menu, the Lax burger, a salmon burger, and the Las Vegan burger, a fried burger made with leeks and flavored with truffle. The meat burgers start at 200 grams but can be upgraded to 400 and 600 grams. They come in different varieties, some spicy, some hot, some not, with additions like the Foie Gras that I had, but also smoked goose or asado meat.

There are Heinz sauces on the table: Original Barbecue, Mayonnaise and Ketchup. The burger and the fries were very nicely flavored already, so I made only sparing use of these.


Chubbys clearly specializes in burgers, but for those not in the mood there are salads, with and without meat, steak and eggs, fish and chips and chicken. There are quite a few dishes on the menu that look really interesting, and that make it worthwhile coming back for several more visits. How about Foie Gras pancakes with maple syrup and cherries? There is also a charming desert section called Sweet Victory, after you have defeated your main course.

Getting there: Chubbys is at the Island Hotel. The restaurant is alongside the hotel, not visible from the street. There is street parking on Oved Ben Ami street, on the opposite (east) side of the street, and also a free parking lot just off the street. Cross Oved Ben Ami and walk down a wide flight of stairs that runs next to the hotel. At the bottom of the stairs you will be at a plaza facing the sea, with a row of stores on the ground floor of the hotel tower. Follow the stores around the building until you get to Chubbys.

Take Away
: The restaurant does a lively take away business especially on cold and rainy days.

From the menu: Angry Birds Chicken wings NIS 36. Fried cauliflower: NIS 36; Sin City burger: NIS 109; Sweet Victory desserts NIS 34 - 36; Weihenstephan beer (330 ml): NIS 26

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