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Curryliina's Bombay Cafe
Indian Kitchen

32 HaBarzel Street, Tel Aviv, Israel
Tel: 03-6722709
Kashrut: Rabbanut Tel Aviv, Mehadrin

Open Sunday - Thursday 11:00am till 11:00pm. Take away food for Shabbat. Closed Friday and Shabbat.

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Curryliina's Indian Kitchen

August 2019

Curryliinas Restaurant has recently reopened in Ramat HaHayal, Tel Aviv. The new location is spacious, and modern and the invested decor matches the quality foods. North Tel Aviv is a busy restaurant and entertainment area and is a great improvement over the previous Bnei Brak location. Besides having more seating space indoors and outdoors, the restaurant now has longer hours, an attractive bar and live music on Thursday evenings. The good news is that with the upgrade, the prices continue to be affordable.

Whatever you are expecting of an Indian restaurant, Curryliina's is going to surprise you. Curryliina's offers Anglo-Indian cuisine made by a lawyer from Finland and mother of 5, who runs this family restaurant with her daughters. Karoliina got hooked on this cuisine while living in England, but when she moved her family to Israel she discovered that to enjoy these very popular English foods she was going to have to make it herself.

Not prepared to do anything half way, Karoliina brought Indian star chef Kuldeep Singh to Israel from the UK to teach her the secrets. His challenge was to create the unique kosher versions of the cuisine with no dairy ingredients. Now the restaurant offers authentic Anglo-Indian foods just like you will find in many places in England, but Kosher L’mehadrin.

People ask whether the food is Northern Indian or Southern Indian, but in fact it is Anglo-Indian, a style of mixing British colonial cooking and spicing methods with traditional Indian cuisine. This is the dominant style in the UK, where the 12,000 Indian restaurants are the most popular ethnic style.

We have been to a lot of restaurants in our eLuna travels, but I don't remember one of them where customers who did not know us, stopped to rave about the food. Yes, as we entered the restaurant, an American couple from Queens, NY - new olim - and already regulars at this relatively new restaurant, encouraged us to try the variety of dishes. Even their nine-year old daughter was a fan.
You would feed this hot stuff to a kid? She loves it. Whatever works.

The oversize a la carte menu has two main sections. The upper page describes the starters and side dishes and the grilled dishes, including the signature Chicken Tikka. The lower section lists the twenty-one curry dishes, and is appropriately headed Our World Famous Kosher Curry.


The starters are called Finger Foods, but this section of the menu also has salads, potato and lentil dishes, three kinds of rice and a soup. Judging by price, these might be intermediate courses or alternative side dishes. The grilled dishes are clearly main dishes for people who wont be focusing on the curries.

The curries are arranged by categories, such as Korma, Vindaloo, Masala, Madras and Jalfrezi, among others. If you have spent time in India you will feel at home here, and get your geographical bearings. The descriptions of the curries tell you how hot the dishes might be. They range from sweet and gentle, to a little bit spicy, all the way to red-hot. Curries are available with meat, fish or in vegetarian options.

We were two couples, including two people who know UK Indian restaurants well and one vegetarian. We agreed to share, so we covered many of the choices on the menu. We began with the Poppadoms, which were brought to the table as soon as we sat down. These are a classic crunchy Indian snack made of rice flour, served with three dips and a fresh onion salad. The dips were all on the sweet side: a tamarind dip, mango chutney and raita, a white mint sauce reminiscent of the Greek Tzatziki. We finished the Poppadoms quickly and asked for more of the dips to accompany our starters.

We shared three starters, the onion Bhaji, a spicy latke (fritter) made of onions, vegetable Samosa and Beef Samosa. The Onion Bhaji had a spicy after effect, but was very pleasant in the mouth.

Samosas are triangular pastries filled with seasoned mixtures of vegetables or beef and peas. We were also treated to tastings of the Bombay Aloo and Sag Aloo, with cubed boiled potatoes seasoned with garlic and tomato, with added onion and cumin (Bombay Aloo) or spinach (Sag Aloo). These were very tasty, and might have made good starters too, although rather starchy.

For our main courses, we shared the Chicken Tikka, Chicken Korma, Vegetable Korma, and Chicken Jalfrezi. The Chicken Tikka is cubes of chicken white meat marinated and then grilled on a skewer. It has an attractive red color, and, to my taste, was not spicy at all. We noted how tender the chicken was. The Kormas are creamy dishes with chicken or vegetables floating in the sweet cocoanut flavored liquid. Curryliinas

The kicker was the Chicken Jalfrezi. This dish had a couple of chili peppers in a tomato sauce with cubes of chicken that were marinated in cumin and other spices. This was the most challenging dish in our order, and I enjoyed it tremendously. We needed the Pillau rice (rice with fragrant spices, cooked in broth) and white rice to help with the Jalfrezi, but they went well with the Korma dishes and Chicken Tikka as well.

The meal was accompanied by bottled Israeli beers. The beer tap will be hooked up any day now, and they will also stock the classic Indian Kingfisher beer soon.

For dessert, we had two lassis, a mango and a strawberry “shake”, which had the Indian cardamom flavor. These shakes are cool, sweet, and exotic.

There is indoor and outdoor seating, and friendly family-style service. The menu posted on the web site and printed in the restaurant is actually the take-out menu. There is also a business lunch menu.

Curryliines also offers take-out packages for Shabbat. Just heat and serve for an Indian Shabbat meal.  

From the Menu: Poppadoms 18 shekels; Onion Bhaji 25, Vegetable Samosa 28, Beef Samosa 31, Bombay Aloo 31, Sag Aloo 31, Plain Rice 13, Pillau Rice 15, Chicken Tikka 58, Chicken Korma 45, Vegetable Korma 42, Jalfrezi Chicken 45

Click here for a 10% discount coupon on your next order at Curryliina's. Print out this coupon and present it at the restaurant.