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71 Ahuza St (Ahuza at Kazan St)

Tel: 09-7425050

Kashrut: Rabbanut Raanana Mehadrin

Open Sunday - Thursday: 12:00 noon - 12:00 midnight. Friday from 12:00 noon - 1 hour before Shabbat. Opens Motzash 1 hour after Shabbat. Closed Shabbat.

July 2022
Every night is a party at Ivrian.
Long after all the city rolls up the streets and the other restaurants are closed, Ivriani is still hopping. Bright lights strung across the outdoor patio, music thumping, and people, lots of people, having a great time. Joint the party and enjoy the atmosphere, the drinks, and the delicious foods right up till midnight every evening (except Friday evening).

Ivriani is at the corner of Ahuza and Kazan Streets. The restaurant has a full wrap-around covered porch with comfortable seating under ceiling fans. The restaurant has an added attraction on the patio: a waffle bar where they make fresh waffles with ice cream creations, to order.

The Menu
Ivriani is a classic dairy restaurant, centering on pasta, pizza, fish dishes, shakes and drinks. The menu is a continually growing. Ivriani has several menus for the different offers like the business lunch, Waffle Bar style creations and sharing menus.

Bringing People Together:
Bringing people together for a good time is Ivriani's mantra. To that end, Ivriani offers "Antipasti to Share." Choose at least 3 of the 5 antipasti dishes, placed in the middle of the table to share with your dining partners.

Warning! You won't have an easy time choosing just 3. Here are some....
*Roasted peppers and feta cheese
*Artichoke in garlic and ricotta cheese
*Sun dried tomatoes in basil
*Roasted Portobello mushrooms
*Roasted eggplant with tehina and garlic sauce and more, by season

The Ivriani Business Lunch:
Lunch. My favorite meal of the day.The Ivriani fixed price business lunch is served from noon till 5pm and includes a starter, a main course and a drink. There are three different priced lunches. Most of the menus involve pizza made in the Tabun oven and pasta dishes. Trust me, every level of business lunch is a very full meal. We ended our lunch with a doggy bag that served us at least one additional meal at home.

Our Lunch:
For our Starter course we chose the Paneto Frito and the fresh green salad. These were excellent choices that we both enjoyed. The Paneto Frito, a toast sandwich, is one of the Ivriani signature dishes (also on evening menu). Not just a prosaic grilled cheese sandwich, this mozzarella sandwich (cut in 4) is coated and then crisped for a remarkable crunchy texture and delicious taste.

We loved the starter salad, the perfect combination of fresh greens, a lovely dressing topped with salty crumbly feta cheese. Sounds simple? Then why doesn't it taste as good when I make it at home?

Pizza and pasta Italian style dishes are the primary choices for the main course. The low-end fixed price menu offers a simple Pizza Margarita. The high-end menu offers two other family-size pizzas: the Crazy Bianca, a white pizza with truffle cream, parmesan, truffle oil, thyme and portobello mushrooms. The Pizza Formaggio is a classic 4-cheese pizza with tomato sauce.

For our second main dish we chose the Carbonara Salmon. This is a fettuccini dish with carbonara sauce – a Roman traditional sauce with anchovy and chives – tossed with slivers of salmon. The pasta was cooked nicely, al dente. As it should be. This was a very filling dish, heavy after the starters. We took most of this home and enjoyed it the next day.

I have it on very good recommendation that the fish dishes are something special. Salmon steak is also offerd on the business lunch. On our next visit to Ivriani we will be sure to try it.

If the business menu does not suit you, Ivriani has an idea. How's about a Pizza Combina. This is a half a pizza and a fresh green salad. This duet is a perfect combo and one you should definitely try.

Ivriani pasta and salad topped with salty feta cheese. Great combination.
Salad as either starter or main course.

Dessert Anyone?.
Dessert is Ivriani's specialty. On the day that we were there, the kitchen was trying out a new lemon pie, not yet on the menu.
"We'll help you taste test that lemon pie," we offered.

Waffle Bar is alive and well at Ivriani.
If you are tracking restaurants in Raanana you will remember that before Ivriani, a branch of Waffle Bar occupied this space. It seems that Waffle Bar is in the DNA of this location. A variety of elaborate ice cream creations have made their way to the Ivriani menu and fresh waffles with a variety of toppings are made for you at the Waffle Bar stand on the restaurant patio.

Location and Parking:
The restaurant is located at the corner of Ahuza and Kazan Streets. Park in the underground lot accessed from Mota Gur Street, behind the restaurant. Buzz and the restaurant people will lift the barrier. A limited amount of blue and white marked street parking is available on the side streets behind the restaurant.

With the exception of one or two low steps from the entrance on Ahuza St you can consider this a wheelchair friendly restaurant. Rest rooms and Netilat Yadayim are on the dining level. B'teavon!

From the Menu:
Paneto Frito, a toast sandwich NIS 38
Salads NIS 52 - NIS 68 with cheeses.
Pizza Margarita NIS 54. Crazy Bianca Pizza NIS 69
Pizza Combina - duet of half a pizza and a fresh salad. From NIS 64 - 75
Business Lunch Carbonara Salmon NIS 89 including starter and large iced tea
Business special noon to 5pm daily includes starter, cold drink and main course: NIS 59, NIS 69, NIS 89 .

Click here for a 10% discount coupon valid from 5 - 8pm at Ivriani Restaurant. Print out this coupon and present it at the restaurant.