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Lechem Erez
Reut Shopping Center, Modiin-Reut
Tel: 08-9470047
Kashrut: Rabbanut Modiin
Cakes an pastries Beit Yosef
Gluten-free and Vegan available. Catering Off Premises
Membership in the Lechem Erez club is free of charge for eLuna members who present the eLuna coupon.

Open Sunday - Thursday: 7:00am. - 11:00pm. Friday: 7:00am. - 3:00 pm.
Closed Shabbat.

Lechem Erez, Reut

December 2015
Lechem Erez is a nationwide chain of restaurants. With small differences, the menu is the same at each branch. Some of the foods like the breads and the packaged spreads come from the central Lechem Erez kitchen and are distributed to the branches each day. But each of the branches has its own character and you'll find different ideas in each location.

Note: Lechem Erez products all have a teudat kashrut. The Badatz Beit Yosef hashgacha is printed on the package. Some of the restaurants are open on shabbat so they do not have a teudat kashrut. The Reut branch is closed on Shabbat and has a Teudat Kashrut.

Lechem Erez - Reut - IndoorsThe folks in Modiin will be delighted with the Lechem Erez restaurant in their area. The restaurant is located in the Reut shopping center just around the corner from Bank Otzar Hahayal. There is plenty of parking and a very lovely central seating space with benches. The restaurant is on ground level, and is handicapped friendly.

eLuna applauds Debra Cohen, the owner of Lechem Erez and the power behind this restaurant. Debra is an American olah, living with her family in Modiin. She is full of creative ideas and we loved them all.

At the entrance there is a tasting station, where you can try some of the packaged foods. For the winter, spend upwards of 100 shekels and get a Lechem Erez umbrella (while supplies last). And after 6pm on Sunday, Tuesday and Motzash your 100 shekels gets you a free dessert. At Lechem Erez Reut offers can be combined, so these incentives are in addition to the 10% discount for eLuna and Lechem Erez members.

Lechem Erez Reut is three in one: First, it is a lovely restaurant offering excellent variety of breakfasts all day, and many other yummy and healthy dishes. The shop: Just about everything that you see on the menu, is available for take away. The food shop offers packaged spreads, frozen foods, and a large display of breads. Third, Lechem Erez Reut is your address for catering events either in the restaurant or at your own venue. Brit? Sheva Brachot? Order trays of food from Lechem Erez and your party is good to go.

The Lechem Erez Menu

Lechem Erez offers good quality, tasty, healthy food. You won't find margarine in the Lechem Erez kitchen and foods have no artificial additives. Eggs and cheese figure prominently on the menu, but excellent vegan and gluten free dishes are also available including vegan desserts.

We enjoyed the Lechem Erez breakfast, the same as the basic breakfast with a larger selection of spreads. This was beautifully presented on a large round tray with a basket of breads. Each of the items, the tuna salad, the eggplant salad, avocado spread, dried tomato spread, the luscious swirl of cream cheese, are delicious. The highlight is the Ethiopian techina, made specially for Lechecm Erez with sesame seeds from Ethiopia, also sold in jars. There is also a shakshouka breakfast, popular with the guests at tables around us. The orange juice that comes with this breakfast is fresh squeezed. And the coffee is delicious.

Breakfast is served throughout the day. But don't miss the many other dishes, The menu offers a nice assortment of starters, salads, toastim, sandwiches, drinks and cakes. There are also several impressive main dishes including quiche, pasta dishes stir-fried salads, risotto. and more. The portions are plentiful and the presentation is attractive and enticing.

The lechem - the bread - at Lechem Erez is their calling card. The restaurant offers a variety of delicious breads baked in the central stone oven and delivered to each branch every day. You will enjoy these breads with your meals or you can purchase freshly baked bread at the restaurant shop throughout the day. We were especially impressed with the delicious Lechem Erez sourdough bread. It has no yeast and no salt or sugar added. Crusty on the outside, soft in the inside, it is a mechayeh. The restaurant also prides itself on its French breads, from the brioche family,

Lechem Erez - bread Lechem Erez - Reut - Shakshouka

The Lechem Erez Food Shop: Don't be shy. Walk all the way into the restaurant and find a display of foods that you can purchase. Some of the spreads that you enjoyed for breakfast can be purchased in sealed containers. There is a great selection of breads that they will slice for you and you can buy challot for Shabbat. We Lechem Erez - Reut  picked up a few jars of salads that we brought as gifts to the family that hosted us for Friday night dinner. Our hostess served them for the appetizer. There are also frozen foods, including frozen mini quiches from the same provider as the quiches at the restaurant.

We bought a loaf of the sourdough bread, sliced, and a jar of the famous Ethiopian Techina. The raw techina is so rich it tastes like halvah. The same group also provides Lechem Erez Halvah made from Ethiopian grown Sesame seeds.
Tip: Turn the jar over and shake it up a bit before opening. Mix well before serving.

Catering for Smachot: Lechem Erez Reut can cater your party or can supply trays with all you need for your brit, sheva brachot, birthday celebration, etc. Call the restaurant for details.

Lechem Erez - Reut - Dessert

Click here for a 5% discount coupon on your next order at Lechem Erez Modiin-Reut. Print out this coupon and present it at the restaurant.
This discount will be combined with free club membership discount for a total 10% discount.