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Take Away
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Marvad Haksamim
Take Away for Shabbat, Meat Catering, Small Parties and Events

* 1 Rachel Imenu, German Colony, Jerusalem
* 16 King George St, Jerusalem
Telephone: 02-567-0007
MENU in English
Kashrut: Rabanut Yerushalayim

Friday Buffet: 7:30am - 2pm. King George and Rachel Imenu.
Orders: Accepted till Thursday 9:00pm. Pickup or delivery on Friday
Mid week orders, 15 dishes minimum.

Take Away

December 2020
Marvad Haksamim caterers provides food for small parties and events, and offers take away food for Shabbat. Food can be ordered in advance for either pick up or delivery in Jerusalem.

Marvad Haksamim has two locations in Jerusalem:
16 King George Street, Ccity center near the Bank Hapoalim
1 Rachel Imenu Street in the German Colony.

Click here for the Marvad Haksamim menu in English

Orders for Shabbat accepted till Thursday night 9pm.

Marvad Haksamim

Shabbat Take Away
The Marvad Haksamim Shabbat take away menu has something for everyone. If you prefer traditional heimeshe eastern european fare you will find gefilte fish, potato and kugel yerushali, as well as cholent. If you prefer the flavors of the East, enjoy rice dishes such as Majadra (rice with lentils) Maklouba (rice with vegetables) and more. If you are a fan of the Israeli salads, you have come to the right place. All vegetable salads are parve.

Marvad Haksamim Marvad Haksamim

Meat dishes are plentiful. Choose meat balls, roast beef in wine sauce, and many other choices, If you prefer Shnitzel, here they are. Marvad Haksamim also offers crispy Shnitzelonim (nuggets), great for the kids at your table. You may prefer your shnitzel meat in a sauce, also an option.

Marvad Haksamim

Don't miss the fish! You can order salmon baked with herbs, St Peters Fish roasted or in a spicy Mizrachi sauce, or delicious gefilte fish.

Marvad Haksamim

Marvad Haksamim

What is Shabbos without a kiddish?
Put together a Marvad Haksamim kiddush with bourekas with or without meat, gefilte fish, cholent (meat), and the iconic Israeli pastelim - filo dough filled with potato or Moroccan cigars. These are all delicious dishes, that work well with a shot of whiskey for a good after-shul kiddush.

Marvad Haksamim

Vegetarian: A large number of items on the Marvad Haksamim menu are parve. Vegetaria parve dishes include all vegetable salads, several of the stuffed vegetables, stuffed peppers, stuffed grape leaves, eggroll and many of the side dishes. As about parve items when you make your order..

Click here for a 5% discount coupon on orders of 300 shekels or more at Marvad Haksamim . Print out this coupon and present it at the restaurant.