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3 Tozeret Haaretz. Petach Tikva
Tel: 077-8035209, 054-426-6509
Kashrut: Rabbanut Petach Tikva, Mehadrin. Rav Mahmoud
Open Sunday - Thursday:12 noon. - 11:00 pm. Closed Shabbat.

Meat & Eat

July 2023
If it is a Meat & Eat Restaurant (Lechem Basar) you can be sure it is going to be good. eLuna folks have been frequenting Meat & Eat at the First Station in Jerusalem for many years. The Petach Tikva branch of Meat & Eat has just opened in the Time Shop Center on Tozeret Haaretz St. This branch is mehadrin Badatz under Rav Machmud.

The Time Shop Center is a haven for foodies, with one restaurant after the other. Meat & Eat is the newest one on the block and a welcome addition to the center. It is one of the very beautiful modern restaurants and from our experience it is one of the best with great food, good service and a pleasant environment. There is convenient parking in pay lots on street level, and underground parking in the Time Shop building.

Butchery - Indoors

Meat & Eat is a restaurant for meat lovers. The excellent quality meats are sourced from Ramat Hagolan and expertly prepared by Chef Lior Asraf. The nominally parve foods like the 2 choices of fish and the vegetables are grilled together with the meat. They would be considered meaty by halachic standards and by this vegetarian diner. There are some non-grilled vegetable starters which work for non meat eaters, though the restaurant staff was clear that all the foods are regarded as meaty.

Butchery - Grill
Butchery - Meat

My companion and I stopped in for a lazy late lunch at Meat & Eat Petach Tikva. Our first impressions were of a beautiful modern space, invested, clean and nice. It is the kind of place where we wanted to sit. As we entered we were directed to the second floor. There is table seating and bar seating both upstairs and on ground level. There are comfortable leather couches and conversation nooks tucked into corners of the restaurant for private talks or if there is a need to wait for a table.

The menu lists a good selection of starters, salads, mains and children portions. The focus are the meat main dishes, and what you order depends on how much you want to pamper yourself. The highest end dish is the Prime Rib Entrecote on the bone at NIS 50 per NIS 100 gr. You know that a piece of this meat on the bone has to weigh in at a minimum of 300 gr which will cost you at least NIS 150 for the dish but can be much more, depending on the size of the portion.

Prime Rib on the bone may not even be the top of the line on this menu. Juicy lamb chops served with a skewer of vegetables come in at NIS 179. This is a close second to the 300gr platter of smoked Entrecote fillet at NIS 195.

Whoa... Take it easy. You don't have to open your Keren Hishtalmut to have a hearty and delicious meal at Meat & Eat.

We opened our meal with two dishes from the starter menu: eggplant salad with tehina and mushrooms in Teriyaki sauce. The eggplant salad was nicely presented and tasty, and was served with a squiggle of bread. When I asked, a second squiggle was quickly provided. Mushrooms in Teriyaki sauce is my long-time favorite and I was very satisfied with the generous bowl, which my companion and I shared. This is a sweet dish with gentle spicing and a sprinkle of sesame seeds on top.

Butchery - Grill
Butchery - Meat

Thinking that this would be a light lunch, my companion chose the burger for his main course. It is a bit anti-climactic to choose a burger at this restaurant with so many high end choices, but so it was. The basic burger is 250 gr served with several dabs of sauces and a generous serving of chips. You can upgrade the burger with a choice of add-ons like fried onions, mushrooms, a fried egg and even strips of Asado for several additional shekels each. None are really necessary as the burger is quite satisfying without additions.

Deals: Meat & Eat offers a business lunch from 12 noon to 5pm that includes a starter with the price of your main course. Our bill for one business lunch (starter + main) and one mushroom starter came to a very reasonable NIS 150. This was certainly a bargain for this quality restaurant.

From the menu:
Eggplant starter NIS 42.
Mushrooms in Teriyaki starter NIS 65
Basic Burger NIS 84
Large Shnitzel and chips NIS 76
Grilled Kebab on techina with salad NIS 119.
Sinta steak smoked and grilled. 300 gr NIS 145.
Childrens menu NIS 49.

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