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Muza Bahar
Shoresh, Jerusalem Hills
Telephone: 02-6246897
Kashrut: Rabbanut

Open Sunday - Thursday: 12:00 noon till midnight. Friday: 9:00 am. - one hour before Shabbat. Open Motzei Shabbat: One hour after Shabbat - 11:00 pm. Closed Shabbat.

Muza Bahar

March 2016. Revisited July 2016
For many years Muza Bahar Restaurant was not kosher. Then owner Yifat took the step. The kitchen was made kosher and the restaurant was closed on Shabbat. We discovered Muza Bahar Restaurant when we stopped in one evening on our way down the hill from Jerusalem toward Gush Dan. Let it never be said that eLuna does not do its homework. The restaurant is located in Moshav Shoresh overlooking the picturesque Judean hills. There is a magical atmosphere about this location. Dining at Muza Bahar by day is like having a picnic in the heart of nature. In the evening the restaurant is a romantic location, overlooking a sea of lights. This is a truly great get away, out of the city, but not too far from Jerusalem.

Our Visit to Muza Bahar

July 2016
We thoroughly enjoyed our visit to Muza Bahar and cannot praise it highly enough. This is one of the great dining experiences in Israel. It started with how easy it was to find the restaurant and to park. Waze scooted us up the hills of Shoresh and took us to the door of the restaurant and their on-site parking in just minutes from the highway. We were met by a room filled with set tables covered in white tablecloths inside and checked clothes on the outdoor deck. While the indoor seating areas face the Judean hills, we went for the full experience and chose a table on the deck where you can practically touch the gorgeous view. There was a lovely breeze on the warm summer evening.

Muza Bahar - Outdoors

Never was there a more relaxing dining experience than on the deck at Muza Bahar. Add a bit of alcohol to this, and you have a perfect experience. The alcohol menu includes vodka, run, tequila, whiskeys, and a host of cocktails. If you don't see it on the menu, ask. The cocktail of the day, with vodka and oranges, was a perfect addition to the easy, relaxing atmosphere.

About the Muza Bahar Menu

Kosher diners don't get much of an opportunity to experience a Michelin star restaurant. Muza Bahar has managed to snare Israeli Chef Kobi Katani, after 12 years at a Michelin restaurant. You will recognize the difference in the quality from the first bite. I've heard that one of the definitions of whether or not a restaurant gets the 3rd star, is whether or not the restaurant is worth a special trip just to dine there. Despite its location, or maybe because of its location, I would gladly travel to dine there again.

Chef Katani presents a variety to suite all preferences. Along with the heavy meat dishes, there are fish and vegetarian options. There are high end dishes as well as family-friendly dishes. Muza Bahar will work as a romantic celebratory restaurant, and as a family dining venue.

Chef Katani's signature style is his use of herbs, spinach, fresh and dried fruit and chestnuts in the dishes. These combinations add a spectrum of flavors and very delicious dishes. Try very hard to resist the chunks of bread and the dips that are served while the kitchen prepares your order. There are many fine dishes to come.

The menu offers a nice selection of starters. At the high end find fish ceviche and an impressive Filo pastry filled with chopped lamb, almonds and dried fruit. For folks who prefer a simpler starter there is roasted eggplant with techina, pine nuts and garlic. My companion started his meal with the Duck fillet, called in Hebrew "Duck Dak" a Hebrew pun. He loved the sliced smoked duck with warm peaches, chestnuts in a sweet sauce. I chose the Endive salad, a cold salad that is a signature Katani mix of crispy lettuce, saffron poached pears, candied pecan nuts and dried fruit. The Chef's Choice, a must-try, is a warm mushroom starter with spinach and chestnuts, in a sweet sauce. - a great choice indeed.

The view at sunset from the Muza Bahar deck

The menu offers a nice selection of meat, fish and vegetarian main courses. My companion thoroughly enjoyed the Beef Stew slow cooked with prunes and root vegetables in a wine sauce. To test a vegetarian dish at a meat restaurant I chose the leek ravioli for my main dish. The ravioli was served with cubed sweet potatoes, spinach and a date molasses sauce. This was a very filling dish after the starters. As I say, remember to go easy on the bread before the meal..

Whereas it is not very difficult to find a main course in the 100 shekel range, Muza Bahar also offers a selection of high end dishes. The 500 gram Rib Eye Steak in wine sauce and marrow is an example. This pricey dish ican be shared by two or more diners. Other main courses include Crispy Goose Breast with caramelized chestnuts, sweet potato cream and orange sauce. And for fish, there is the Crispy Salmon fillet seared in a frying pan with green beans, asparagus and peas, flavored with lemon aioli.

If you are up for a dessert after all those delicious dishes, Muza Bahar will not disappoint. We had the recommended ice cream cake dessert with chocolate and nuts. This yummy sweet refreshing dessert is beautifully presented on a platter with Nogata and coco powder. There is also Classic Creme Brulee and the unique Eaton Mess: chantilly cream, meringue pieces and berries, almond praline creme anglaise.

MuzaBahar - Meat Muza Bahar - Salad

From the menu: Starters NIS 40-50. Fish Ceviche starter: NIS 49, Chicken liver pate NIS 44. Soup of the Day: NIS 38. Leek Ravioli NIS 64. Beef Stew NIS 79. Pargit in Asian Sauce NIS 76. Crispy Salmon NIS 96. Rib Eye Steak: NIS 169. Fillet Mignon NIS 134. Crispy Goose Breast NIS 112. .Creme Brulee NIS 39. Eaton Mess NIS 46.

MuzaBahar - Dessert

* On Friday the restaurant offers breakfast from 9:00am till noon.
* A business lunch is served Sunday-Thursday between 12:00 noon and 17:00. The eLuna discount does not apply to the business lunch.
* The restaurant can accommodate parties and groups. Call for details about the party menus.
* Here's a tip: Muza Bahar is a great place for people from Jerusalem and Gush Dan to meet. No need to go all the way into Jerusalem. There is plenty of parking and a good time savings staying out of the city.

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