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10 Rambam St., Ra'anana
Tel: 09-7485983

Kashrut: Rabbanut Raanana

Open Sunday - Thursday: 8:00am - 11:30pm. Friday till 3:30pm. After Shabbat till midnight. Closed Shabbat.

Salta website

September 2019. On eLuna from July 2007
In the eternal quest for something different, we were delighted to revisit Salta, a one-of-a-kind restaurant on Raanana’s Rambam Street. This quaint storefront eatery offers delicious dairy dishes in an unexpected and fun environment.

Salta is a real boutique restaurant with a limited number of tables in the front section of the restaurant and more tables at the back. The decor is refreshingly eclectic with every table a different size and no two chairs the same.

The vibe is Eretz Yisrael of yore, with nostalgic Israeli background music, and vintage wooden tables and place settings. Art work fill the walls and chachkas abound and a gorgeous-looking vegetables stand can pass for a still-life painting. This eclectic mix of ancient typewriters, shelves of books, bottles of wine, a magnificent 150 year old chandelier, and a charming painted sink for netilat yadayim is charming and delightful. If this sounds peculiar, let me assure you that the atmosphere is absolutely charming. Every item is special, and the total impression is cozy and homey, and quite a comfort zone.

All of this is the brainchild of owner Yuval Navon, responsible for the décor, the photographs (another of his talents) and many of the recipes. If there is something that Yuval is not good at, you will not find it at this restaurant.

eLuna revisited Salta to check out some of the new dishes on the menu. We concluded that we don't visit Salta nearly enough. The menu changes regularly and new items are added. Not being a more frequent visitor is our loss.

Charming waiter Yonatan pointed us to the favorite dishes. As we have found so often at restaurants, the appetizers and the desserts are the highlight of the meal. Though tasty, the main courses don't match the creativity and uniqueness of the courses before and after.

The signature Salta appetizer is the spinach fritters. You're going to love these. Light and crispy, the fritters are served with a dill sauce that complements the fritters perfectly. The dish is served on flower printed porcelain that could come right out of great-grandma's cupboard. All the more charming.

Every appetizer on the menu looked delicious and we needed guidance to choose. "You'll love the eggplant cream with mascarpone cheese" Yonatan promised, and he was right. The spread is topped with a dollop of black beans and garlic, and is served with a warm crispy finger-roll covered in seeds. This is a great choice.

For our main courses we chose the fish fillets on a bed of majadra and a vegetable salad topped with salmon. The fish was nicely cooked and presented, topped with techina. I would have preferred the techina on the side so that I could have the choice of fish with or without techina. But the mix of fish, majadra, chick peas and techina was very pleasant. The salad was a meal in a plate, complete with both protein and vegetables.

We had our mains with a glass of the house white wine, a very nice complement to the food. The portions at Salta are very generous and two starters and two mains was over the top, and we ended up taking a lot of food home.

Eggplant with Mascarpone Cheese Salmon Salad

All the foods at Salta are made at the restaurant. When you look at the gorgous cakes in the display case, you won't believe that they are made in house and not brought in from some fancy bakery. We indulged in a slice of rich cheesecake with halva, topped with chocolate.

Breakfast: Start your day at Salta. The Salta breakfast fills the table. The focus is a platter laden with a salad and an omlette covered in grated cheese. A basket of wonderful sourdough bread and several tapas-size bowls of cheese, jam, tuna salad, olives, and spreads, top off the breakfast. You must have the Salta fresh-squeezed orange juice that comes complete with pulp and pits. This is a signature item at this restaurant – the oranges and the squeezer are part of the décor. My companion preferred a second cup of coffee with her breakfast, which presented no problem for the restaurant.

The restaurant is wheelchair friendly, with a big ramp up from the street into the dining area. There is one hour free parking in the lot on Hashuk Street. Be sure to tell the parking attendant that you are going to Salta.
From the Menu: Spinach fritters appetizer: NIS 39, Eggplant with Mascarpone NIS 33, Salmon Salad: 59, Fish: NIS 112,  Desserts: NIS 35

From Our Readers:
Submitted by:
Bobby Luz Date:
April 2009. Description: Salta Restaurant,  Rambam St.,  Raanana;  my first visit there yesterday caused me amazement: exellent food, menu and service- pasta, fish ,veg dishes ,kasher. I'm a Raanana resident, eat out regularly as do many friends.  How come I never heard of it before? Good parking close.
Submitted by:
mireetw Date: July 9, 2007. Description: My husband and I live in Raanana and eat out all the time in the Sharon and Dan area. Salta, by far, is the best dairy cafe in the area. All the food is fresh and delicious. The food is truly a cut above anything that you will have anywhere else, including the pastas and sauces, the shakshuka and the fish. And don't forget to ask about the specials of the day which are always great.

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