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3 Hamehkar St., Cinema City, Netanya
Tel: 077 414 2025 Ext 5
Kashrut: Rabbanut Netanya

Open Sunday - Thursday: 12:00 noon till 11:00 pm. Motzai Shabbat: Open 9:00pm till 11:00pm . Closed Friday and Shabbat.

Segev Moshe is one of the leading chefs in Israel. When the Prime Minister hosts dignitaries they often bring Chef Moshe to the residence to do the cooking. Segev has several restaurants throughout Israel, each a separate concept. Thus Segev restaurants are dubbed "Concept restaurants." Most of the restaurants are not kosher. The Netanya restaurant is one of the first to have a teudat kashrut. From a traditional home, Chef Moshe is quick to assure all of his diners that the kosher restaurant does not compromise on the quality or creativity of the dishes.

Segev is a comfortable mix of informal yet stylish decor, gourmet food yet reasonable prices. Pick out your cutlery and napkins from a bin on the table. The menu is printed on your place mat. Prefer an Englsih menu or a vegetarian menu? Out comes another place mat just for you. This simplicity belies the outstanding food, the bend-over-backward service and generous dishes. Come hungry, sit back and let this restaurant spoil you.

Start your meal with a selection of gourmet Segev salads, in the center of the table for all to share. The starters, at NIS 39 per person, show the skill and virtuosity of the restaurant. Each of these starters is unique, and to make sure that everyone is satisfied, the restaurant tailors the selection of starters to your preferences. If someone at the table does not eat meat, in addition to the meat starters, extra veggie starters are served. Gluten free diners will also get a selection of their preference. If you are sensitive to any ingredients, tell the server, as the starters are composed in the kitchen for each table. All of these starters come in generous quantities to share, and refills are forthcoming.

A very big selection of starters was served at our table to satisfy the preferences of each of the diners. The starters vary from day to day, but the constant, served at all Segev restaurants, is a heaping mound of sprout salad. This has a unique sweet and sour dressing flavored with wassabi beans, radish, and touch of sweet chili, giving the salad a bit of a kick. We shared a long focaccia which was served with tangy guacamole and salsa. My companion was enthralled with the liver pate starter, topped with berry jam, uniquely presented in a scoop, and a ceviche cut paper thin and topped with onions, An orange vegetable soup was served in a charming mini tureen to be shared by all, and a lovely garden salad with cherry tomatoes and a mild dressing was just right for a more conventional dish.  If I have one criticism it is that our large round table was too small to accommodate the selection. These starters are so generous and filling, you may be tempted to skip the main course. Think again.

The Bar
Along with our meal we had two refreshing cocktails, both served in large cocktail glasses filled with crushed ice, mildly alcoholic, with fruit on top. The watermelon cocktail was bright red and sweet topped with slices of watermelon, and the lychee cocktail was bright yellow and tart. I love starting a meal with cocktails, the mark of a fine restaurant.

The Mains
Segev offers a large selection of fresh and colorful main courses in three categories: pan-fried, oven baked, and deep-fried dishes. In the pan-fried category find gnocchi and pasta dishes as well as fish croquettes. Segev Pappardelle pasta is stir-fried with tomato sauce, roasted pepper, garlic and eggplant served with grilled onions, zucchini and truffles.

For our main dishes my companion chose the Gnocchi with meat and I chose the bread-based "Lachmajun" from the Oven Baked section of the menu. I was impressed that the restaurant would prepare this for me specially, without meat. Dishes are prepared quickly and efficiently on the spot, tweaked to your preference.

Lachmajun is one of the restaurant signature dishes. This is a long platter of baked Italian dough covered in a meat or veggie stew flavored with spicy green leaves and coriander, chili and pesto, and drizzled with techina. My carnivorous companion thought that this dish was the best, and most realistic, vegetarian dish with a meat substitute that he had ever eaten. The flavors were strong for my taste, and the size of the portion could have fed a full table. The restaurant gladly packaged up the remaining half for home.

My companion had another of the restaurant’s signature dishes. The dish carry's the understated name "gnocchi," which does not begin to describe this wonderful combination of fresh foods. The gnocchi is stir fried with slow-cooked beef, gravy with roasted mushrooms, chestnuts and garlic slices. It is for dishes like this that you should not stop after the starters, even if you thought you couldn’t eat another bite.

The third section of the menu offers foods from different style cuisine. Japanese gyoza: steamed dumplings stuffed with vegetables served alongside white rice and green beans served with Asian root salad. Quick fried Thai fish, served with white rice. Roasted beans Asian salad Lime and peanut omelet. If you have tried these dishes let eLuna readers know your opinion.

What is your signature dessert we asked?
Malabi, came the answer from a team of servers. This outrageously delicious dish is served in a beautiful glass bowl. Listed on the menu as Thai Malabi, it is part ice cream, part traditional tart Malabi with banana, peanuts, passion fruit-mango sauce. This is a dish that you cannot miss, both for its amazing taste and the beautiful presentation. One dessert can stretch for two people.

Segev is in the Cinema City building, but the entrance is around the side, on HaMechkar Street, facing the parking lot. Looking for the entrance to the parking lot we found street parking on HaMechkar St. There are steps going up to the restaurant, and if this is a challenge the restaurant can open a service entrance from within Cinema City, not usually open to the public. .

From the Menu: Starter salads NIS 39 per person at the table. Pasta Pappardelle NIS 89. Lachmajun NIS 89. "On the Roof" Sandwich Kebab NIS 89. Japanese gyoza nis 135. Gnocchi with meat NIS 109. Lachmajun (meat version) NIS 89. Thai Malabi NIS 43

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