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Who are we:
Urbun is the very best place to buy fresh American-style buns. Chef Josh Admon brings his culinary expertise to this enterprise.

You gotta go to culinary school to learn to make buns like these, and that's just what Chef Josh did. Over the years he brought his talents to a variety of restaurants. Now he is bringing Jerusalem the very best fresh buns,

Urbun offers 8 different types of buns.
Eat them at Urbun or take them home for the family. On Shabbat warm em up on the plata.

Urbun welcomes families. Your children will love the buns.
Where are we:
5 Hashikma St., Machane Yehhuda, Jerusalem
Tel: 054 292 0932
Kashrut: Rabbanut Yerushalayim
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When are we open: Open Sunday - Thursday 7am till 7pm
Friday 9am - 3pm.
Closed Shabbat
Programs: Urbun salutes Israeli soldiers.
Buy a bun and a coffee for an Israeli soldier and post a note with a wish on the bulletin board. Soldiers can pick up a note and enjoy your gift.


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Every bun: NIS 23. Two buns NIS 46
Buy a coupon for 2 buns on eLuna for NIS 39
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Made fresh every day, buns are topped with cream, pecans, fruit, and a variety of other yummies.