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5 Yoel Salomon, Jerusalem
Tel: 02-645-7676
Kashrut: Rabbanut Yerushalayim Mehadrin
Open Sunday - Thursday: 9:00 am. - 11:00 pm. Friday: 9:00 am. - One before Shabbat.
Closed Shabbat and Motzei Shabbat.

Village Green

May 2016
Village Green on Nahalat Shiva is the newest branch of Jerusalems most illustrious vegan-vegetarian restaurant group. There is a twist this branch on Yoel Solomon Street is strictly vegan, the first restaurant of its kind in the city.

The first Village Green Restaurant opened in 1992, its mission was 'to bring fresh, tasty and nutritious vegetarian food to the public'. Not much has changed. They continue to do just that, only better..

Village Green at Yoel Solomon St. - Outdoors

The Village Green at 5 Yoel Solomon is a bright and cheerful restaurant with a friendly and casual atmosphere. The entrance is on Yoel Solomon Street, not behind, through an alley or any such thing as so many of these restaurants are. The restaurant is decorated with multi-colored furniture and light wood tables. This contributes to the happy and upbeat ambiance.

Village Green at Yoel Solomon St.  -  Indoors

About The Village Green Menu

The Village Green on Yoel Solomon is a sit-down restaurant with waiter service. There is a basic printed menu with specials of the day printed on a blackboard. The menu has a simple and clear layout listing each dish with a detailed description.

We stopped into The Village Green restaurant on Yoel Solomon Street, for a cup of coffee on our way through the city. No milk in that coffee, we were told, so we could choose either soy or almond milk in our cappuccinos. Soy it will be, I declared, and out came a thoroughly delicious cup of coffee, topped with a layer of whipped milk. I would have sworn that it was rich cream, had I not known better..

While waiting for our coffee we perused the menu and discovered one of my favorites. For years I have been trying to convince restaurants to offer tastings of their soups. After all, who can decide from a description in a menu, which soup you want to order. The village Green restaurant offers soup tastings. 3 soups for 32 shekels. I'm in!
We chose three soups from a much longer list. . Out came 3 pretty mini-size, covered bowls and a bowl of croutons (pictured). "We'll have two spoons with that please," and we had a grand time.

As you would expect in a vegan restaurant,, the menu offers its share of salads. There is the simple salad served with home made bread. Or there is the colorful mixed vegetable salad. The highlight of salads is the Green salad with marinated tofu - mixed green leaves and herbs, sprouts, mushrooms, croutons, baked marinated tofu and pomegranate - agave vinaigrette.

The menu offers cold main dishes such as organic humus plate with chickpeas, whole wheat pita, pickles and hot sauce. Or you can select your own topping! Seitan mince, mushrooms & soy and pine kernels.

The rice dishes are irresistible: The Indian rice dish is made with basmati rice, organic dahl, curried vegetables and chutney.

Village Green Jaffa - Vegetarian Pie

Don't miss the Village Green pastries, quiches and bakery items: Shepherd's pie at the top as a healthy as it can get: Oil & Gluten free, with layers of mashed potatoes, soy, mushrooms & nuts. Bet with the whole wheat and olive oil. The fillings of the Quiches change daily. Lasagna made of whole bread pasta with bechamel sauce, tomato sauce and mixed vegan "cheese". After tasting this you will be sure that this is the real thing.

After all that healthy and nutritious food you will want to indulge yourself with one of Village Greens yummy desserts. These range from cookies, to carob brownies, to date nougat or if you have the space, the deliciously crunchy walnut pie or creamy mocha-cheese cake. End your meal with a dessert and an aromatic, tasty cup of coffee, with 100% non-dairy milk.

From the menu:
Three Soup tastings NIS 32, Seytan Salad: NIS 48, Green Salad with marinated tofu: NIS 44, Indian Dish: NIS 54, Lasagna: NIS 56, Shepherd's Pie: NIS 52, Quiche: NIS 52.

Village Green - Jaffa - Desserts

The Restaurant Shop:
In addition to the restaurant, Village Green Nahalat Shiva also has a shop where you can buy homemade, natural products, including those from Bara, a leading producer and distributor of medicinal plant products. I bought a jar of dark sugar cubes. At 18 shekels this was a bit on the expensive side for sugar, but it is definitely a novelty. The shop also hosts classes on vegan cooking, baking, nutrition and the use of medicinal herbs.


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