Jerusalem Cuisine Catering for Shabbatot and Hagim

Let Jerusalem Cuisine help you prepare your Shabbat and Yom Tov table.
Jerusalem Cuisine specializes in traditional Ashkenazi foods.
No need to patchka preparing chopped liver, kneidlach or kugels. Jerusalem Cuisine makes them the traditional way, just as you like them.

In addition to Ashkenzi foods the menus include some of the favorite Middle Eastern dishes: Matbucha, Moroccan Carrots, and more.

There are main courses, side dishes, meat, fish, and even dessert.

All food is made in Rabbanut Mehadrin Jerusalem or Badatz Eida Chareidis kitchens.

Glatt kosher Mehadrin under the supervision of the Rabbanut Jerusalem, Mehuderet. Meat, chicken and turkey are under the HaRav Rubin Heschsher.

* Shmita Lechumra * Jewish staff only
* Mashgiach on premises. • The entire menu gluten free.• No Preservatives.
Pesach: * Non Gebrochts * Non Kitniyot
Order early to guarantee that you get your choices. Orders are accepted till the chag, with limited availability.

Orders for Shabbat must be received no later then Wednesday 4PM.
Delivery free in Jerusalem and surrounding areas including Bait Shemesh on orders over 499NIS

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Jerusalem Cuisine Catering for Rosh Hashana

Tel: 02-6519821/ 02-6521039
Fax: 02-6524745