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16 Shenkar,Tech Park, Herzlia Pituach
Tel: 09-9567006
Kashrut: Rabbanut Herzlia

Open Sunday - Thursday: Noon - 10:30pm. Open Motzei Shabbat: 9:15pm - 11:45pm.
Closed Friday and Shabbat.

The Meat & Wine Co

Updated August 2018
Our Recent Visit to Meat & Wine
I don’t get to Meat and Wine often enough. We went with friends to celebrate our mutual birthdays. We had a bang-up celebration and a wonderful meal.

We began with a lovely starter of stir-fried mushrooms on a bed of palenta, which I shared with my partner. Our companions had a nice salad with sweet potato crisps.

I know from a previous visit that Meet & Wine has fantastic spare-ribs and steak options. This time I chose the slow-cooked lamb spare ribs, accompanied by French fries and fried onion rings. The lamb ribs are a long row ribs of about 850 grams, extremely soft, with a wonderful flavor. The waiter had warned me that the portion has a high fat content, so I was prepared, but the fat on the ribs is a major contributor to the flavor. It does not pay to be squeamish when ordering spare ribs. Our companions shared the prime rib steak, which is usually enough for two. But when they finished the dish they declared that even though they were no longer hungry they could have had another one.

We shared a bottle of the house wine, a blend of red wines from Psagot winery, 2015 vintage. The wine was rich and flavorful, and really enhanced the spirit of the meal and we ended the meal with a desert of coconut parve ice cream.
I’m already thinking of my next birthday.

September 2013
If you have not been to Meat & Wine Restaurant in the Herzlia tech park, you have not been to one of the prominent kosher restaurants in Gush Dan. Meat & Wine, part of an international concern, set a new standard for kosher restaurants in Israel when it first opened some 8 years ago. In all these years the quality of the restaurant has not been compromised and Meat & Wine continues to lead the pack of kosher restaurants in the Sharon area.

About Meat & Wine Co

The Meat & Wine chain restaurants span the globe including far away Australia and Abu Dabi. All the restaurants offer the same menu. In the Israeli branch, this menu has been tweaked for kashrut. Kosher beef is imported from Argentina and the lamb from Ramat Hagolan (Golan Heights). The proprietary Meat & Wine BBQ sauce, the signature sauce of the Meat & Wine chain, is produced for this restaurant in Israel to adhere to the kashrut requirements. Since the menu is international, you will see foods at Meat & Wine that you won't find in just about any other restaurant in Israel.

Meat & Wine is a total experience. Great food, amazing presentation, comfortable and elegant atmosphere and excellent service. As the name suggests, Meat & Wine is a serious meat restaurant. There are also fish and vegetarian alternatives, but this is a restaurant for folks who know their meat. The signature dish is the spare ribs, as you remember them from the old country. Chef Nir Ronen invests hours preparing the meat. It is aged and processed at the restaurant, to give it the soft texture and the flavor that you like.

Speaking of foods from the old country, if you hail from South Africa you will be right at home at Meat & Wine. This is one of the few kosher restaurants offering South African Boerewors, grilled sausage topped with the traditional Chakalaka sauce. The Boerewors meat is ground more finely at Meat & Wine than in South African, to suite Israeli preferences.

About The Meat & Wine Co menu visited Meat & Wine restaurant to see what we have been missing all these years. I only wish that we could make up for lost time.

Here are two tips before you visit Meat & Wine:
1. Make reservations. This is a popular restaurant and you don't want to be disappointed.
2. Come hungry. There is a lot to eat.

As we entered the lovely restaurant we were greeted by smiling staff waiting for our arrival. We were seated at a spacious table a comfortable distance from the neighboring tables.

The menu, in Hebrew and English, is well delineated and easy to read. Taking recommendations from our server we chose a selection of appetizers followed by the Veal Ribs (Spare Ribs) and the Salmon skewer for our mains. All the dishes at Meat & Wine are of generous proportions. Order a variety of dishes so that you can bear to part with your own choice and share the others.

My companion especially enjoyed the beef Carpaccio appetizer with balsamic vinegar. This was a full platter of thinly sliced marinated beef. By the way, those little balls on top are not caviar. That is vinegar treated molecularly to look like caviar. Aha!

I enjoyed a bowl of pan-fried fresh mushrooms in teriyaki sauce. We also shared a platter of three salmon patties, which I highly recommend.

The main courses were served so elegantly that we paused to take pictures. We haven't done that in a while. Here is a picture of the salmon skewer served over a bed of onion rings. Our server, adding a bit of culinary drama, gently removed each of the salmon chunks and placed them on the plate. The salmon was perfect in every way. Delicious. Perfectly cooked. Amazing. My companion was so engrossed in his veal rib that he barely came up for air.

The Veal Rib is called Spare Rib on the Hebrew side of the menu, which sets expectations more correctly. This is the signature dish of the restaurant, but there is a related dish made with lamb ribs, which we will surely try next time. The Veal Rib is one huge rib covered with the special Meat & Wine barbeque sauce. The meat was incredibly soft, and came right off the bone. There is more than a bit of fat above the meat but it can generally be separated from the meat if you dont eat this. But for this dish, you might make an exception.

Would you like some wine with your dinner?
As the name suggests, wine comes in at a close second to the food at this restaurant. You'll know that by the unique selection on the full wine menu. In addition to the large wineries, The wine menu includes wines from some boutique wineries like Kadesh Barnea, Carmei Yoseph, Bazelet Hagolan Har Odem, and more. I enjoyed a glass of delicious Kadesh Barnea Reisling. My companion had a glass of Teperberg Cabernet.

There are several other menu items that we did not get a chance to try. We hope to revisit this restaurant soon to do just that. There is a variety of cuts ranging from 200 grams to 600 grams of fillet, Sirloin, Rib-Eye, Prime Rib, Angus Rib-eye, to satisfy the appetite of everyone. Also do not miss the Australian Lamb platters and Beef Skewers. For those that love super tender meat, the succulent milk-fed Veal Cutlet frame grilled and served with olive oil and garlic stir-fried green beans is it. For less expensive tastes, there are hamburgers on the menu too.

We understand that Meat & Wine offers some excellent desserts. Sorbet in a variety of flavors, Halvah Parfait, Warm Chocolate Fondant, Tart Tatin, Nougat Marquise (Layered mousse cake with nut, nougat and chocolate) and Sunday Waffle. I am afraid that we disappointed some of the staff when we decided to pack up before dessert. After all that food I could not eat another thing. We'll take a rain check on that and enjoy dessert at another visit.

In addition to the outstanding food and the selection of wine, I must mention some of the other things that make this a unique restaurant.
* Restaurants are faced with the eternal conflict between paper and cloth napkins. Cloth is more elegant but paper is more efficient. At meat & Wine you get both a cloth napkin and as many paper napkins at it takes. You figure it out.

* Restaurants probably have one of the highest turn over rates for their staff than any other business. Not at Meat & Wine. Chef Nir Ronen was with this restaurant when it opened and is still there today. Our waitress financed her BA while working at Meat & Wine for 4 years. You can see the family aspect of this restaurant in the atmosphere and cooperative spirit between the staff.

* Meat & Wine has a program for frequent visitors (FF: frequent fressers).Each member has a knife engraved with his name and stored in a glass case at the entrance.

Beef carpacio: NIS 45, Mushroom appetizer: NIS 38, Veal Spare Ribs: NIS 175, Salmon Skewer: NIS 100, Butcher Stew NIS 129,

From the Meat & Wine Website:
The restaurant aims to provide "a unique and exceptionally enjoyable dining experience that catered for meat lovers in a sophisticated yet relaxed environment." The specialty of the house is their exceptional steaks and an excellent selection of quality wines. The steaks, the restaurant says, are so good "you'll leave home or work for…". The wines complement the food and enhance the flavor of the meat. The Meat and Wine Co has two fully equipped private dining rooms, ideal for intimate dining or for any corporate entertaining, business meeting or private celebration.

From Our Readers:

Date: 30 December, 2013. Submitted by: etta. Description: The food was amazing, and ample portions. It came out hot and made to perfection. The service was very good. My one problem with the restaurant was the reservation process. I called and was told they were booked. I thought about it and called back and got a recording, but left message  to be on a waiting list. Out of curiousity, an hour later I had my husband call.... they made a reservation for him immediately. So, do they not like women calling to make reservations?

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