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Italian and Fish Restaurant
24 Kanfei Nesharim Street, Jerusalem
Tel. 02-6524414
Kashrut: Mehadrin Badatz Rav Rubin

Open Sunday - Thursday, 8:00am till 12:00 midnight. Friday till 1:30pm. After Shabbat till midnight. Closed Shabbat.

This write up was submitted by Dr. A. Blumberg
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Muscat is located at 24 Kanfei Nesharim, on a wide street with lots of parking. It is diametrically opposite Angel's Bakery and just beyond the excellent meat restaurant, Shiner's.

Many buses serve the area. We used the number 15, from Jerusalem's Central Bus Station.

The restaurant is large and a wide choice of comfortable chairs and tables are available. We chose a table for four, raised above the others against the wall, on a two step dais. A washing stand is conveniently located between the two rest rooms, both of which are clean, and well maintained.

About the Muscat Menu

The eight-page menu is easily read. It takes you through breakfast, which is served until noon, and includes separate sections on six omelets and varieties of toasts, bagels, and sandwiches.

A whole page is devoted to the ingredients of eleven salads. Those desiring to order only from what is called "A First Course" may choose from nine alternatives. Three soups are offered. Separate pages describe nine fish, nine Italian dishes, three types of pizza, and a children's fish platter.

We were a party of four and we ordered from the luncheon Menus. As each of us selected different main courses, we got a good overview of the available choices. There is a set fee of 69.00 NIS for the fish luncheon menu. The Italian luncheon menu costs 49 NIS. You may choose your main course from items listed elsewhere in the menu. Both menus also include a soup, small salad, a desert, and coffee or tea. Lunch is served 1:30 to 4:30 P.M.

The four members of our party were each delighted with the quality and quantity of our food. I chose a Fettucine Alfredo which offered a mushrooms, cream, butter and garlic sauce. It had to contain some other magic ingredient because I broke all of Amy Vanderbilt's rules by using chunks of challa roll to absorb every speck of it. My wife's Lasagna was a generous offering of various vegetables and wide lasagna noodles, well married to cheeses and beautifully seasoned tomato sauce. Our friends' fish dishes seemed to please them just as much.

Wine and beer are also offered if desired. We settled for a bottle of mineral water as part of the meal.

A 12% service charge is added to the bill. Service was excellent. The several waiters who served at our table seemed genuinely anxious to please, but were patient and non-intrusive.

I recommend Muscat without any sort of reservation.

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