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South American Grill Restaurant
14 Hacharoshet, Raanana
Telephone: 09-8911180
Kashrut: Rabbanut Raanana
. Glatt meat

Open Sunday - Thursday: 12 noon. - 10:30 pm. Closed Shabbat .Restaurant Website


This restaurant is temporarily closed. July 1, 2020

October 2019
What is that restaurant with the strange name?
Pikanha is a cut of beef, popular in Brazil, that we know as sirloin cap. Named appropriately for a Brazilian favorite, Pikanha is a South American grill restaurant where meat reigns. Pikanha Restaurant is an invested and spacious corner restaurant with a pleasant atmosphere and comfortable seating. Though open over a year, I bet you've never heard of it.

How did Pikanha manage to stay under the radar all this time?
The restaurant opened without a teudat kashrut. Over the years they have grown gradually closer to the kosher world. Though the meat was always kosher and they never served dairy, they only became eligible for the teuda when they closed on shabbat. Since then they have embraced kashrut wholeheartedly, and now most of their meats are glatt.

Taamon - Indoors

Our Visit to Pikanha Restaurant

It is said that the best things are found serendipitously. Our visit to Pikanha proves that rule. The restaurant is located on the main drag of Raanana's industrial area, adjacent to Raanana Assuta, south and opposite Kenyon Renanim. We chanced upon this restaurant totally by accident, and decided to stop in for a late lunch. We were attracted by the inviting look of the restaurant and the design, with both central and private seating.

The restaurant was not full at the time, so we did not have the advantage of seeing dishes at other tables. Thus, we did not know that the highlight at Pikanha is the grilled meat platters with a great variety of cuts running from 1200 to 3000 grams. These are kept warm on the tables over a flame. This generous selection can be best shared with a full army of friends, but minimally one or two dining partners. There is a two people version called the Latin Carnival with only 600 grams, and a large selection of steak, lamb and chicken courses for individual diners from 350 to 500 grams. We will be back to try these mouth-watering variety that is the restaurant's specialty.

My dining companion appears to have taken on an informal comparative study of burgers at kosher restaurants throughout Israel. Without thinking too long, and knowing that he is the only meat eater between the two of us, he opted instantaneously for the lamb burger.

Pikanha offers a choice of entrecôte or lamb burgers in several sizes. Chips and other sides are extra, and several add-ons are offered on top of the burger. After an extended discussion with the waiter about the pros and cons of each possibility, my companion chose the lamb burger with fried onions and a sunny side up egg on top. The burger was served medium-well done, but medium or medium-rare would have been a better choice. The burger served on a large platter with chips was a satisfying meal.

I searched the menu helplessly for a non-meat option, which in a South American meat restaurant, is a contradiction in terms. There are some salads that can be prepared without the meat and non-meat eaters will take comfort in the roasted eggplant baladi, which was nicely presented and quite tasty. After consulting the chef, we discovered that unlike most meat restaurants, the chips and the onion rings are actually parve, made in a chipster kept separate from the meats. I could barely make a dent in the large portion of chips and onion rings that were my meal.

The restaurant is in two sections: forward at the entrance, and a section further back that would be appropriate for private events. There is an open kitchen at the back where the grill man does his thing. There is also an attractive bar with seating and a selection of beer and some liquor but no cocktails. Don't miss the video shown on a large flat screen, showing how they prepare the meats.

Children are not left out of the party, and childrens size portions of schnitzel, chorizos, chicken steak, hamburger and chicken wings
will make your kids happy.

Dessert was sweet doughy cookies. Fresh and yummy, these topped off a successful meal.

From the menu: Starters: NIS 30 - 45, Salads with and without chicken NIS 40 - 60, Burgers NIS 69. Side dishes, 12. Add-ons, 7. Childrens portions: NIS 49.

Taamon - Terrace outdoors

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