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Red Burger Bar
2 Gad Machnes, Netanya
Tel: 09-8669677
Kashrut: Rabbabut Netanya. Meats Glatt Beit Yosef
Open Sunday - Thursday: 11:00 am. - 12:30 am.
Friday: 11:00 am. - one hour before Shabbat. Motzei Shabbat: 7:00 pm. - 12:30 am.
Closed Shabbat.

Red Burger Bar

December 2013
Red Burger Bar is a young and trendy meat bar/restaurant. The restaurant offers a good selection of meats ranging from a simple burger to the more elegant meat carpaccio and liver pate.

Whatever you are having it goes best with beer. Red Burger Bar has a selection of beer on tap and a host of other drinks.

Red Burger Bar

The restaurant is located right next to the Netanya's coastline, with a gorgeous view of the sea, both from inside the restaurant and outside. Weather permitting guests can enjoy a refreshing sea breeze.

The restaurant hosts live music every evening, and is available for events for up to 200 guests.

About Red Burger Bar menu

The menu opens with a series of appetizers. These range from soup to the simple eggplant baladi to elegant fish and meat carpaccio dishes. Sandwiches and salads follow.

As the name Red Burger Bar Burgerof the restaurant suggests, the star of this show are the burgers. There are 160 gram, 220 gram and the whoppin 350 gram burgers, burgers made of lamb and Entrecote burgers. Connoisseurs of burgers know their toppings and Red Burger Bar diners have their choice. Fried onions, sir-fried mushrooms, to name a few. What's a burger without chips, home fries, and onion rings. At Red Burgers Bar you can add as many as you want.

The menu does not stop at burgers. There are also a selection of grilled meats and chicken. Under the category "sizzling from the grill" enjoy a fixed meal including meat and one side dish of your choice.

Appetizers 25 - 48 nis, Sandwiches and Salads 39 - 69, Burgers: 39 - 59 nis, from the Grill 55 - 114 nis, Desserts: 29 - 49.

Red Burger Bar Steak

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