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35 Hamelachim St., Netanya
Tel: 09-770-2080
Kashrut: Meat, Rabbanut Netanya
wheelchair accessable. Ramp from the parking into restaurant

Open Sunday - Thursday: 12:00 noon - 12 midnight. Friday 12 noon till Shabbat. One hour after Shabbat.
Closed Shabbat.

Souvlaki Greek Cuisine

March 2018
At last a quality kosher Greek meat restaurant. On the coast of the Mediterranean, in north Netanya. Dine at a table right up against the windows facing the sea. You'll think you are on a Mediterranean cruise. Souvlaki is not just a restaurant, Souvlaki is a dining experience.

Souvlaki is the Greek word for skewers. So of course skewers of all types with grilled meat and fish are prominent on the menu. But that is not all. There is an amazing variety of unusual salads, veggie starters, and roast meats. "We try to consider all of our diners" says owner Jonny. And indeed, the menu offers dishes for every food preference.

Our visit to Souvlaki Restaurant:

You'll know you have arrived at Slovakia Restaurant when you see the can't-miss-it sign at the turn off to the sea. We were pleased to find a large parking area in front of the restaurant and a ramp from the parking to the restaurant.

The best seats in the house are on the enclosed patio facing the sea. This is perfect for lunch or for an early dinner, where you can catch the sunset over the Mediterranean. We just missed the sunset so we took seats inside the comfy warm interior.

We were welcomed with a shot of lemon ouzo, a pleasant, mildly alcoholic drink, which we happily sipped as we studied the menu. You'll want to start with the restaurant's unique salads and a loaf of crispy fresh baked bread. We enjoyed 4 salads including eggplant cream with anise seed, white beans in a clear sauce, grilled red peppers, and the amazing almond cream with nuts. Each of these is a starter in itself and is priced accordingly. A loaf of fresh bread is also a separate charge. Alternatively you can enjoy a good selection of these salads with the bread for a flat price of NIS 150. This is the way to go if you are a table of 4 or more diners.

Though unique and delicious, if you choose the salads as your starter, you may miss the amazing starter dishes. Trying to go light on the salads, we each had one of their Greek style fried starters. Each of these starters is served with a sauce in a small pot-shaped container, making a very attractive dish. I had the lamb cigars: three wraps of hot, crispy fried dough filled with ground lamb accompanied by a small dish of oleo with a touch of hot red peppers. I love lamb, and the combination of the crispy coating and the mildly hot sauce was excellent, My companion had the vegetarian leek croquettes, warm and crispy served with a sauce in a small dish. It’s hard to resist dishes like these.

Fresh Kitchen Jerusalem day outside view Fresh Kitchen Jerusalem night outside view

For our main courses my companion had the salmon souvlaki: two skewers of salmon cubes grilled to perfection, and grilled vegetables and a wedge of lemon on the side. These were served with a bowl of potato and sweet potato fries. I had the short ribs, one of the more costly dishes on the menu,and not on the menu in every restaurant. This was a large section of meat in layers, attached to two sections of rib, with a layer of fat between the layers of meat that moistens and sweetens the meat. I really enjoyed this dish. The waiter insisted that this dish is intended for one person, but I couldn’t finish it after the mezas with bread and lamb cigars.

The restaurant is very proud of their desserts, and though i challenge you to eat dessert after all the food, if you can do it you will not be sorry. We convinced the staff to serve us just tastings of their favorite malabi dessert topped with fruit and halvah cream topped with grated halvah. Both were good, and we will order at least one next time.

The bottom line:
Souvlaki is a unique dining experience. Don't miss it.

Breakfast at a Meat Restaurant
Friday morning Kabalat Shabbat at Souvlaki is an experience not to miss. Souvlaki proves that breakfast at a meat restaurant is as good as a dairy breakfast. Tofu based creams that are just like cheese. Soy milk for your coffee. And a buffet of delicious meats. All of this on the beautiful patio facing the sea.

Fresh Kitchen Jerusalem day outside view

From the menu: Starter lamb cigars NIS 48. Leek croquettes NIS 38. Salads NIS 35 - 39. Short Ribs NIS 120. Souvlaki Salmon skewers NIS 99.

Click here for a 10% discount coupon on your next order at Souvlaki. Print out this coupon and present it at the restaurant.