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Steakiya Bakfar

Moshav Ya'ara
Tel: 04- 9807661
Kashrut: Mehadrin.

Open Sunday Thursday:11:00 am 23:00. For Fridays please call.

Steakiya Bakfar restaurant is located in the Moshav Ya'ara which is in the Western Galilee. If you are planning a trip up to Rosh Hanikra or the area of Shlomi, this is a good kosher restaurant within comfortable driving distance.

Steakiya Bakfar offers high quality grilled meat and fish in a rustic yet charming environment.The resturant overlooks the picturebook scenery of the Galilee

In the menu you will find a large variety of grilled meats. Recommended dishes include the 350 gram aged entrecote steak in chimichuri sauce. Another favorite is the veal kabobs. And a third is the chicken livers fried with onions. Yum.

The menu also nods to the non meat-eaters, with several fish dishes including St Peters Fish and Denis. The restaurant also offers one vegetarian dish. Children have their own menu at Steakiya Bakfar that includes burgers or hot dogs with fries. Oh to be a kid again.

Steakiya Bakfar serves the grilled main courses with fresh home made salads. You can order just the salads but there is a cover charge.

This is one of those restaurants that offers the business lunch throughout the day. People at your table who do not order the business lunch will have to pay a cover charge, and the eLuna discount does not apply to the fixed price meal.

In additon to the main meals ask to see the restaurant's alcohol menu and their dessert menu. At Steakiya Bakfar there will be plenty of variety and a good time for all.

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