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HaKol Baseder Haggadah Kit
A Treasury of Activities for the Passover Seder
Michael Toben and Mitch Heifetz

Hakol Baseder - Everything in the Seder – what a brilliant pun on the Israeli idiom ‘hakol beseder’ – everything is OK. And everything about this kit is much more than just OK; it’s an excellent idea, brilliantly executed.

As the title promises, this kit indeed provides you with just about everything that you might need to prepare and then enjoy a meaningful and memorable Seder night. The kit includes a Haggadah, a CD, pages and pages of activities, games, songs and discussion topics for your Seder.

And the cleverest bit? The authors, experienced and dedicated educators, have ensured that there are different activities and materials for adults, adolescents and children and have labelled them accordingly. The kit is a great took for those leading the Seder, and ensures that absolutely no-one will feel left out.

Fun, experiential, interesting and thought provoking, this kit is a beautifully illustrated and great to use. The preparation guide and the CD engage family members well before the Seder night itself. The excellent introduction sets the Passover story in its historic context and also provides a focus for the festival’s contemporary significance. The authors have provided novel insights and different angles on the laws and customs of the Seder in order to stimulate questioning and discussion. The kit includes a booklet of no less than 120 pages full of games, role plays, picture puzzle games, quizzes…Lastly, the translation from Hebrew into English of the Haggadah itself, in keeping with the rest of the kit, is clear and accessible.

This kit is an absolute feat, created with imagination and dedication to enhance our appreciation and enjoyment of the Passover feast. Highly recommended.

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