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Rising Life
Challah Baking. Elevated. 
by Rochie Pinson 

The Rising Life is the definitive book on Challah. Funny, wise and engaging, it is both a manual for baking and braiding a magnificent homemade loaf, and a metaphor for the nurturing which occurs in all of our lives. Pinson explores challah baking as a recipe for life and loving, and you will find yourself rising right alongside her challah dough.

Rising Life speaks to the modern Jewish woman. While nurturing is essential to our being – it has become somewhat of a lost and under-appreciated art.

Beyond Challah 101

Enchanting and thorough, Rochie Pinson reveals the depth and mystery within the seemingly simple act of baking Challah. The book is beyond any other treatise on baking; it stirs the spirit and touches the heart.

Some of the topics discussed in this book:

  • The woman’s role, as it relates to the mitzvah of Challah.
  • The many Segulot/Kabbalistic traditions related to Challah.
  • The significance of the Challah shapes as we know them today.
  • Tested and Proven Recipes for perfect Challah every time. Recipes include Vegan, Gluten free, Whole wheat and Spelt Challah, and traditional Challah recipes.
  • Tips for the novice Challah baker. Including, troubleshooting for the dough that won’t rise, frequently asked questions, Rising techniques – including slow rise and shortcut/quick rise methods,
  • Challah Baking as a metaphor for balanced, integrated nurturing of our self and our loved ones.

This is a beautiful, uplifting book. Really a guide to navigating life joyously and meaningfully at any stage. A most enjoyable read.

About Rochi Pinson:
Rochie Pinson is a wife, mother of four children, and Rebbetzin of a large and growing community in Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn. Together with her husband, Rav DovBer Pinson, they founded the IYYUN Center for Jewish Spirituality which reaches thousands of people every year, both locally and globally, with classes, events, a popular website, and the publication of many books devoted to Judaism and Spirituality authored by Rav Pinson himself.

In her capacity as Rebbetzin, Rochie has been mentor to hundreds of women, and teaches well- attended classes on a regular basis. Six years ago, she began teaching a Challah baking class/workshop – which took on a life of its own – attracting hundreds of women from all walks of life. Rochie took her class globally – and began traveling to other cities and countries – spreading the word about the incredible power of the Challah mitzvah and its potential to change women’s lives.

187 pages + glossary and index
2013, Rochi Pinson

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