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Friday Take Away

2 Rachel Imeinu St. corner of Emek Refaim St
The German Colony, Jerusalem
Tel: 02-5638000
Kashrut: Rabbanut Yerushalayim.

Friday 7:30am. - 30 minutes before Shabbat.

Roza Take Away Foods for Shabbat

Bring the flavors that you love, to your Shabbat and Holiday table.
Roza - Take Away
October 2015
Now you can bring the foods that you enjoy so much at Roza Restaurant, to your home.

On Fridays, Roza Restaurant on Emek Refaim offers a full buffet of take away foods. Roza offers everything for your shabbat table. All you have to make is Kiddush.

Introductory offer:
Roza will give you lechem mishneh - 2 challot with purchases of NIS 100 or more.

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