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Kosher Restaurants in Historic Sites

About Restaurants in Historic Sites
Israel is a country rich in history and it seems that wherever you turn there are buildings of historic significance. One of our favorite trends in restaurants are those housed in preserved historic buildings. These buildings are often protected by law, which poses limitations for the owners, but the terrific ambiance that these buildings afford, is well worth the hardship.

The following are some of the eLuna restaurants in historic buildings. We invite you to visit these remarkable restaurants and enjoy the amazing food, the unique architecture and the lovely preserved structures.



Eldad Vezehoo



Luciana at Mamila

Little Jerusalem



Le Relais Jaffa


Beit Heinkin, Hadera
1868, 10 King David Street, Jerusalem. Tel: 02-622 2312

This uniquely elegant restaurant resides in a building that dates back to the year 1868. The building was one of the earliest buildings outside the safety of the Old City walls. Originally a residence but has now been refurbished and converted to a lovely restaurant. The arches and the original Jerusalem stone remain. Enjoy a beautiful piece of Jerusalem history together with gourmet cuisine at this luscious meat menu.
Make your party at 1868 Restaurant.

Darna, 3 Horkanos Street, Jerusalem Tel: 02-6245406
Darna is a strikingly beautiful Moroccan restaurant - and unique in Jerusalem. Step through the arched doorways and find yourself traveling to Bogart's Casablanca. Everything you see is imported from Morocco, such as, the magnificent Moorish decor, the gorgeous ceramics and the highly polished copper utensil. Ask about the restaurant's complete wine cellar. The restaurant has many intimate party rooms.

Eldad Vezehoo , 31 Jaffa St. (Feingold Courtyard), Jerusalem Tel: 02-6254007
Tucked away in a secret courtyard (Feingold Courtyard) between Jaffa 32 and Nachalat Shiva, Eldad Vezehoo is a restaurant that is both historical and charming. Under the British Mandate period the building was the first cinema in Jerusalem. It is decorated with antiques, old-tiques, chatchkes and kitsch that give it a wonderful nostalgic atmosphere.

Gabriel, 7 Shimon Ben Shetach St., Jerusalem Tel: 02-6246444
Gabriel, a gourmet mehadrin Jerusalem restaurant, situated in a beautifully renovated historic Jerusalem building at the top of the Shimon Ben Shetach pedestrian walkway. The building is at least 150 years old with many authentic elements, yet has been completely renovated and modernized. Classic Jerusalem stone is tempered by lovely soft furnishings that create a warm, understated decor.
Make your party at Gabriel Restaurant

Gabriela, 5 Shimon Ben Shetach, Jerusalem Tel: 02-6246261

The folks who run the very successful Gabriel restaurant bring their expertise to the dairy kitchen in the Gabriela restaurant. The dairy Gabriela restaurant is located on the Shimon Ben Shetach walkway, next door to the original elegant Gabriel meat restaurant.
Make your party at Gabriela Restaurant

Little Jerusalem, The Anna Ticho House, 9 Harav Kook St. Tel: 02-6244186
This is the home of the famous artist Anna Ticho and her physician husband, Dr Avraham Albert Ticho. This prestigious home was the couple's residence and clinic. They left the home as a museum of Anna Ticho's works, the doctor's collections and a library. The lovely restaurant offers delightful dairy meals either indoors or on the spacious grounds of the home. Ideal for parties.
Make your party at Little Jerusalem Restaurant
Luciana at Mamila, 8 Mamila, Jerusalem Tel: 02-5021000
The Ottoman buildings that were constructed over 100 years ago, have been gentrified and are now part of the beautiful new Mamila shopping center.
Luciana at Mamila Restaurant is constructed from two heritage buildings. One is the restaurant and the other is the private party room. The seam was the border between Israel and Jordan before 1967. The restaurant is invested to look like an Italian street scene. The party room retains the authentic Ottoman design.
Make your party at Luciana Mamila Restaurant

Polly, 1 Yehuda Street, Baka, Jerusalem Tel: 02-6714888
Polly restaurant is located on the property of The Little House in Baka. This is a unique boutique hotel in a renovated historic mansion. The stylized building that dates back to the Ottoman period has many structural elements unique to the period and to its location in the middle east. Note the beautifully arched windows and a spacious landscaped garden with inviting shaded areas under beautiful aged pine trees. The Italian dairy menu is full of classic dishes.
Make your party at Polly Restaurant

Sheyan, 8 Ramban Street (the windmill), Jerusalem. Tel: 02-561 2007
The windmill on Ramban Street was used to generate energy from the 1870's and till steam-driven technology took hold. In 1935 the Jerusalem architect Eric Mendelsohn used the building as his study. In the '50's the structure became the home of the Dutch Consulate and residence. In 1987 it reopened as a small shopping center and from the year 2000 it has housed different restaurants. Sheyan is now an excellent Oriental restaurant. But the authentic Jerusalem ambiance still remains..

Vaqueiro, 54 Haneviim St., Jerusalem. Tel: 02-624 7432
Haneviim is one of the most picturesque streets in Jerusalem. Rich in history, Haneviim is the home to many preserved buildings. Vaqueiro restaurant is in one such lovely venue. With its large outdoor patio the restaurant is perfect for summer dining. The indoor area is complete with the architecture and the materials of Jerusalem. Vaqueiro is a South American meat restaurant offering an amazing all-you-can-eat menu. Come hungry.

Le Relais Jaffa, 9 Bat Ami St (Noga Theater), Jaffa/Tel-Aviv. Tel: 03-681 0637
The unique building that houses Le Relais Jaffa restaurant
dates back to the 1930's and was used by the British during the mandate period. The room, which is a large open space made even more cavernous by high vaulted ceilings and arched passageways, is successfully divided into intimate dining areas. Decorative windows and Moroccan decor contribute to the enchanted atmosphere.
This is the perfect setting for the amazing French cuisine served at Le Relais Jaffa. Always a pleasure, this restaurant is unique both in atmosphere and cuisine. The restaurant offers several spaces for private parties and an outdoor patio.
Lili24, 24 Lilienblum, Tel Aviv Tel: 03-5103913
Tel Aviv is a historic UNESCO city with one of the best collections of Bauhaus style buildings in the world. German Jewish refuges brought their architectural heritage with them to Israel when they immigrated to Israel between the two world wars. In addition there are many other architectural styles in the city, including earlier mansions in the city. LILI24 French restaurant is located on the entrance level of one such mansion. The delicious food alone warrants a visit to this restaurant, but the building is not to be missed..
Five Towns
Beit Heinkin, Kfar Hayam Mifratz Binyamin, Hadera Tel: 04-6214424
Henkin House, built in the 1930's, is an Israeli historic landmark. The house was originally the home of Yehoshua and Olga Henkin. Henkin was famous for his work for Keren Kayemet, redeeming the lands of Israel. Olga was the first Jewish midwife in Israel. The Henkins built this home on a cliff, overlooking the sea but never lived in it. In 2004 Arik and Ella took over the building and converted it into a kosher dairy restaurant. The decor of the restaurant is in keeping with the period when it was built.
Northern Israel
Makom B'Sejera, Ilaniya, Lower Galilee. Tel: 04-676 0594
Sejera, established in 1902, was the first Jewish settlement in the Lower Galilee During the Talmud and Mishnah period there was a Jewish city in the hills surrounding Sejera. Much later the Arab village Shejera was built on the ruins of the ancient city. The Jewish settlers at the turn of the century retained its name, but after the War of Independence the name was changed to Ilaniya. About 100 families live in Ilaniya today.
The restaurant Makom B'Sejera is in a converted turn of the century farmhouse. Original farm equipment used by the early settlers decorates the restaurant. The menu is gourmet meat. This is a landmark restaurant that is enjoyed by all.

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