Pesach Holiday 2022

eLuna Restaurants Open on Chol Hamoed Pesach
These restaurants will be open on Hol Hamoed.
Be sure to check this list periodically before and throughout the holiday.
Not all restaurants honor eLuna coupons on Hold Hamoed. Please verify this in advance.
eLuna Restaurants reserve the right not to honor discounts on holidays.
Take Away Food for Pesach
Click on the link for each caterer to view the take out menu with prices and the last date to order.
Delivery Throughout the Country
Jerusalem Cuisine
Glatt Mehadrin Meat, Dairy, Parve Menu.
Non kitniyot. Gluten free
Jerusalem Cuisine takes orders till supply runs out. Order early for full selection,
Print 2022 menu
Delivery throughout Israel.Order: 02-6519821
Naomi Catering
Full top-of-the-line dairy/meat menu.
From Seder plate to dessert. Groceries, platters. condiments & boutique products
Special! Meal pack for 8
Order by 1 April. Minimum order NIS 749
Free pick up at central pick-up points in Jerusalem, Modiin, Raanana, Netanya.
Naomi Pesach Menu first chag
Jerusalem Delights
American style catering in Jerusalem.
Order for Pesach from the online menu
Kashrut: Mehadrin/ Badatz Products
Endorsed by Rabbi Michael Kaplan and Rabbi Shmuel Wittow

Order by April 10.
Free delivery in Jerusalem. NIS 350 minimum order. Delivery available throughout the country.

About Scoop *** Pesach Menu *** Order by April 9
Catering Shabbatot & Chagim. Delivery
Mehadrin Rabbanut Gush Etzion, meat Chalak Beit Yosef. 

Aryeh: 050-950-5023, Scoop Catering office: 054-290-2590.

Ashkenazi Soul Food Revival
Order for Pesach by April 12 from our Menu *** FB

Delivering Wed/Thursday before chag and Chol Hamoed
whatsapp @058-700-0861 /call 02-580-2726
Kashrut: Mehadrin Rabbanut Gush Etzion. Heter Mechira


Shabbos Bistro
Catering for Shabbatot and chagim
A wide variety of authentic Jewish food, fine meats, quality fish, luxury wines and other kinds of delicacies
. Delivery in Jerusalem
Ibn Shaprut 5, Rehavia, Jerusalem. Kashrut: Badatz Kehilot
02-9964469. 054 8777347
. Pesach menu. Order by 3 April

Order from Hamirpesset English Pesach April 9
Kashrut: Mehadrin Rav Merchbach Shaalvim Tel 052 8665034.


Malka Catering
Full Seder meals. NIS 160 pp
Deliveries in the Greater Jerusalem Area
Free delivery Jerusalem on orders NIS 400
Derech Agudat Sport HaPo'el 2, Jerusalem
Tel: 02-6634934
Pesach Menu ***
Kashrut: Mehadrin Rabbanut Mehuderet

Gifts for Pesach
eLuna GiftseLuna gift certificates are the best gift.
Hundreds sold

eLuna Restaurant Gift Certificate
Give the Gift of Wine
Buy frends or family a gift of wine.
The gift can be redeemed at the wine shop or by phone.

eLuna Wine Certificates

22 Rivlin St, Jerusalem. Tel:02-6259703
Hayetzira St, Mevaseret Zion, Tel:02-5343039
Essential Extras for Pesach
No need to settle for packaged cakes on Pesach. Order fresh delicious cakes from the famous Brooklyn Schick's Bakery, now in Israel. Your desserts will shine with Schicks cakes, cookies, rolls, rum balls. Yum.
See the selection on the Schick's website and order online.
Mehadrin Rabbanut Petach Tikva. Non kitniyot. Non gebrochts.
Haggadot and Cookbooks for your Pesach Table
These will be shipped to you in Israel in time for Pesach.
V'Higadeta L'Bincha
And You Shall Tell Your Sons. A Pesach Haggadah.
Hard Cover, Tamid-Publishers
A beautifully designed Haggadah with black and white graphic pages. Every page offers a uniquely beautiful design and artistic presentation of the traditional text . Each page is different, each is individually designed, and each is a work of art, celebrating the Hebrew language and its hidden mathematical codes. The Haggada contains an essay explaining this concept,

More on this Haggadah.
Pictures Tell
A Passover Haggada. Zion Ozeri
Paperback, 152 pages
“Zion Ozeri, who has spent many decades documenting Jewish life in every corner of the world, brings together his photographs, the Haggadah text, and an array of fascinating insights from some of today’s leading Jewish thinkers and doers.” Professor Deborah E. Lipstadt
Purchase this Haggada from Gefen Publishing.
About this Haggada.
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