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NEU Table Tapas Bar & Restaurant
8 Hamenofim St, Herzlia
Tel: 054 921 5374
Kashrut: Rabbanut Herzlia
Open Thursday: 7:30 pm. - 11:30pm.

NEU Table

July 2017
NEU Table Tapas Bar & Restaurant is a new concept from Jacob Morrison and Almog Podolsky, two successful chefs from the Israeli culinary scene. NEU Table is a summer pop up restaurant. The cuisine includes an ever-changing variety of fusion tapas dishes made with only the best handpicked ingredients from Shuk HaCarmel. With NEU Table, Jacob realizes his dream to show what can really be achieved with fresh foods from the market!

NEU Table is a Kosher Tapas Bar & Restaurant. The food is cooked fresh by 2 skillful chefs Jacob and Almog. Food Fusion is the concept of fusing together many different world cuisines to create new and exotic tapas dishes. The food on the NEU Table menu has never been seen before. The beauty is that everything is Kosher and fresh. The chefs cook the food in the open kitchen right before your eyes. 

NEU Table is a foodie restaurant. Chef Jacob deconstructs familiar recipes and rebuilds them using exotic new flavors for all to enjoy. The tapas platform at NEU Table forms a tasting menu where you can experience a variety of dishes showing the chef's versatility and expertise.

NEU Table focuses on local food culture, presenting food in a fun and interactive way. Dishes are high quality yet affordable.Thus the restaurant is a social hub for local foodies and tourists alike.

eLuna's Visit to NEU Table Restaurant

The NEU Table menu is a brief, one page affair. The dishes are admittedly small, in the tapas style. Two diners will want to order four items or more.

We began our dinner with a wonderful cocktail and two tasty items, the Field Garden Salad and the Baked Potato, neither of which are what you would expect from their names. I didn’t get the name of the cocktail, but it had watermelon syrup, tequila, a sprig of mint topped with a piece of watermelon. It was refreshing, sweet and not too heavy on the alcohol.

The Field Garden Salad is a half cucumber, cut lengthwise and stuffed with quinoa and piled with herbs and dressed with green onion, a bit of chili, lemon and something they call Pistachio Tahini. This lovely salad is unfortunately rather small for sharing, but worth trying. The Baked Potato was crispy and slightly carboned on the outside, with the top off so that it could be filled with an airy foam based on pureed potatoes, garnished with caramelized onions and panko. Like the Field Garden Salad, the Baked Potato is small for sharing.

Our more substantial dishes were the only fish dish on the menu, romantically call The Fish Caught Between the East & West, and the Dreamy Bruschetta. The fish was three or four small fillets of a white fish that had been briefly flamed, served on banana leaves with a side of salad with a mildly spicy Asiatic sauce. We prefer fish cooked more thouroughly and the restaurant gladly accommodated us.

The Dreamy Bruschetta is a layer of ground beef cooked slowly overnight in red wine, layered on what was described as a fresh bruschetta, with garlic confit, aioli and summer gremolata (an Italian condiment based on lemon, garlic and parsley). This dish also had a little spicy after taste. The bruschetta was crispy and pleasant, but not really out of the ordinary.

In selecting the Dreamy Bruschetta, I had passed on the Lasagna Balagan, a dish with pasta, beef and vegetables. Noted for our next visit. There is a beef tartare dish, a chicken fillet dish and a dish of entrecote beef on skewers to try as well.

For desert, we shared the Chocolate Bonbon Delight, three chewy balls of chocolate coated with dark chocolate, white chocolate and hazelnut crème, swimming a pool of chocolate. We finished our meal happy and satisfied.

About the NEU Table Restaurant Chefs

Chefs Jacob Morrison and Almog Podolsky are the initiative behind NEU Table. Jacob was the sous-chef at the Ritz-Carlton Hotel in Herzliya Pituach where he was recognized and awarded as a 5-star chef for his leadership and innovations. Jacob has been a chef for over 9 years and has flourished in many kitchens throughout Israel such as The Herbert Samuel Restaurant and Bistro 56. Jacob also practices as a private chef at venues around the globe.

Almog Podolsky attended Bishulim Culinary School, he has previously run his own private catering company based in London called 'From the heart to your table.' For 3 years he lived and worked in London. Almog has had previous experience working in the Ritz Carlton Hotel and Herbert Samuel Restaurant in Tel Aviv.

A goal of the restaurant is to enhance people's’ awareness of cooking techniques and styles. "We are breaking down the classic restaurant model to provide professional cooking shows and an ever-changing dining experience that focuses on local cuisine with a popular fresh food market like the Shuk Ha’Carmel."

This is a place for foodies by foodies that will change the way all people enjoy their food. As food culture keeps expanding, now will be the time for us to show everyone that there is a NEU way to food!


There is both indoor and outdoor seating, great ambience, fine service, and excellent food and wines. The restaurant is jumping – people were streaming in all the time, and the music had the place bouncing. By the time we left, all of the indoor seats and half of the outdoor seats were occupied. Because this restaurant is open only one day per week, reservations are a must.

From the Menu: The Field Garden, NIS 42, Baked Potato, 42, The Fish Caught Between East & West, 42, Dreamy Bruschetta, 52, Chocolate Bonbon Delight, 39. Watermelon Cocktail, 30.

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