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Market Restaurant
38 Yeelim Blvd., Eilat
Telephone: 08-637 9504
Kashrut: Rabanut Eilat

Open Sunday - Thursday: Lunch: 12:00 noon.till 4pm. Dinner: 5pm till last customer. One hour after Shabbat till 11:00pm. Closed Friday and Shabbat. 50% off the dinner menu from 5pm - 6:30 weekdays.


December 2016
Oh Dorothy, we are not in Kansas anymore.
Eilat is not the Eilat of yore. With tourists from all over the world, Eilat has raised the bar. Eilat now sports some high end restaurants that can compete with the best restaurants anywhere. The newly kosher Pedro is one of these restaurants. When you are in Eilat, Pedro is the place to dine.

Pedro is a Tel Aviv- style chef restaurant. A lovely trendy restaurant, Pedro offers a rich meat menu, fish alternatives and some veggie dishes. The atmosphere is fun and friendly and always hopping. Pedro restaurant is located in a charming and colorful garden with flowers, herbs and vegetables used in the decor and food preparation.

Pedro is a market restaurant, a unique concept in Eilat. Talented and creative chef Tal Hershkovitz brings wonderful flavors, colors and enchanting scents from many culinary traditions. You'll enjoy a variety from Moroccan style ravioli with fish to Israeli Couscous. The signature main course is the Pedro Tournedos Rossini (beef fillet and duck liver). Amazing homemade desserts will leave you with sweet memories.

About The Pedro Menu

Pedro offers a nice variety of foods, but the meats are the star of the show. Meats are aged on the premises. Breads are baked in the on site tabun oven, etc.

The Pedro starters do a lot more than whet your appetite. They are so varied and generous some could be main courses. Start with the home made focaccia served with dips. Focaccia is baked in the on-site taboun oven, served hot and crispy. Market salad with a big batch of vegetables flavored with mint, parsley, olives, cranberries, sunflower seeds, avocado and olive oil is a great start to your meal, or a whole meal. Not just raw salads, Pedro also offers a salad of Roasted vegetables. The Pedro roasted eggplant is flavored with pistachios, sesame paste and olive oil. The starter menu also includes a slow-cooked stew with Root vegetables.

Some of these starters are so generous, they could actually be a full meal. Pita stuffed with meat and pine nuts could be a pretty filling starter. There are also several non-cooked starters such as beef Carpaccio, finely sliced beef, reduced in balsamic vinegar.

Main courses include a varity of meats, fish and some vegetarian options. Among the main courses are the Viennese schnitzel, 300 grams of aged premium entrecote. Lean Beef Fillet and Lamb chops. If you want larger portions of the already generous dishes, this can be done for an extra NIS 55 per 100g. Cubes of beef filet. Pedro's signature dish is Beef Medalions with foie gras, mushroom , caramelized apple and plum sauce.

Fish is not an afterthought at this mostly meat restaurants. There are several choices including Salmon fillets on a bed of cream tomato, chickpeas, sauce and Roasted fennel . Grilled fish, Fillet of white fish, And non-meat/fish eaters there is Pasta Bogatin with Italian artichokes, mushrooms and asparagus with tomato sauce, garlic and onion

There are also whiskeys, vodkas and they'll even make you a martini. Keeping with the theme of the restaurant, there is Japanese Sake by the bottle, and Choya by the glass.


The prices at Pedro will surprise you. Especially if you are accustomed to paying Tel Aviv prices at restaurants. The quality may be that of a Tel Aviv restaurant but the prices are small town.

From the Menu: Starters: focaccia with dips 18 NIS Market salad 39 NIS Roasted Eggplant 39 NIS. Stew 49 NIS Pita stuffed with meat 49 NIS. Beef Carpaccio 49 nis. Mains: schnitzel 76 NIS, 300 gram aged fillet entrecote NIS 110, lamb chops NIS 110, Fillet cubes 98 NIS. . NIS 115 Beef medalions with foie gras, 98 NIS Salmon fillets 98 NIS Fillet of white fish. Pasta Arrabbiata ... 69 NIS

award winning croissant

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