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El Gaucho
Argentinian Steak House
20 Rothchild St., Tel-Aviv
Tel. 03-510 4777

Kashrut: Rabbanut Tel-Aviv

Open Sunday - Thursday 12:00 noon till 12:00 midnight. Fridays till 3:00pm. Saturday night till 12:00 midnight. Closed Shabbat.

June 06

About Us...
El Gaucho is a nationwide chain of Argentine grill restaurants. All of the restaurants in the chain have the same menu, but some of the restaurants in the chain do not have a Kashrut certificate. Verify the status of the Kashrut when you make your reservation.

El Gaucho Tel-Aviv is under the hashgacha of Rabbanut Tel-Aviv and posts a teudat kashrut.

El Gaucho specializes in meat dishes. The meat is imported from South America. It then undergoes a special aging process that tenderizes it and increases its tastiness and juiciness. The grill chef, an expert in this process, is brought specially to Israel from Argentina.

At El Gaucho you order your meal by weight. Meat portions range from 250 to 350 grams. Your meat is prepared fresh by the El-Gaucho grill chef when you make your order. The El Gaucho menu contains pictures of the foods so you can get your order right the first time.

It is recommended that you order a small first course to temper your appetite while your meat is being prepared.

Your meal is served at your table on an individual mini grill with simmering coals. This keeps your food warm while preserving the special grilled flavor of the meat. Eat your meat as they do in South America, on a ?Pariza,? which is a wooden platter.

Although the meat is the calling card of this restaurant, fish and vegetable dishes are also available.

Appetizers NIS 22 - 25, Light meals NIS 75 - 100, Pasta NIS 40, SIde dishes NIS 15, Main meat by weight from NIS 75, Pnchos (Argentenian skewers) from NIS 50.

Special Offers
Event celebrations: El Gaucho, Tel Aviv is inviting you to host your party with a lot of food and a small budget. For the $100 your guests would enjoy food which will include: first meal, salad, main dish, dessert and wine. Appropriate for 50 ? 160 people. Fridays: from 11:00am ? 4:00pm.

Special Offers for months of May and June: Couples- get a free glass of wine with a full meal order. 4 people and more ? get a free bottle of house wine with a full meal order.

From now till the 9 days: 10% discount + a glass of house wine for each diner ordering a full meal. 10% discount + a bottle of wine for parties of 4 ordering a full meal.

Read Sam Orbaum's account of his experience at El Gaucho in Jerusalem.

Click here for a 10% discount coupon on your next order at El Gaucho Restaurant. Print out this coupon and present it at the restaurant.

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