Amazing Desserts Restaurants

About Restaurants with Specialty Desserts
At these restaurants you will want to end your meal with something sweet. At these restaurants either the chef specializes in desserts or they employ a specialty pastry chef who prepares the desserts just for the restaurant. Fine pastries are often dairy, but in recent years pastry chefs have learned to make delicious parve desserts as well. Here are restaurants where dessert is an item.
Beit Shean
Rozalia - 1 Chayim Shturman, Beit Shean 04-6453366
The Rozalia Caf? and Bakery is just a stone’s throw from the Beit Shean National Park, in a preserved building clad in the local black stone typical of the area. Inside, the ceramics, chandeliers, wooden beams and long windows all make for a charming and warm atmosphere, complemented by the friendly and professional staff. When the weather permits, you can sit outside and look out at the Beit Shean antiquities.

Chava and Chana, who have a passion for creating beautifully crafted, precision made desserts, breads, cakes, pastries, you name it; have spared no effort in planning and designing this caf?, and it shows. On a daily basis, they continue to invest in preparing uncommonly tasty food.

Denya Cafe - 102 Herzl St, Jerusalem 02-6485553
Denya is a pleasant cafe/restaurant with a full menu. We consider Denya a restaurant because it offers. such a full choice of foods. There are pasta dishes, salads, pizza and focaccia, as well as several fish dishes. You will be greeted warmly whether you are there for just a drink or for a full meal. But whatever you choose, don't miss the smoothies. The restaurant is in a spacious complex with plenty of seating both indoors and outdoors. Cafe Denya and Katzefet, the ice cream parlor next door, are part of the same complex. Denya Cafe is just across the street from Denya Square, honoring the Danish people who saved 90% of the Jews in Denmark during the holocaust. The Jerusalem light rail whizzes right in front of the cafe, and there is car parking in the lot at the square
Luciana Mamila - 8 Mamila, Jerusalem 02-5021000
Luciana at Mamila is a quality Italian dairy restaurant. The charming restaurant design puts you in a quaint Italian street scene, with trees, outdoor lamps, and paths. The Italian menu offers high end fish dishes and excellent Italian pastas and specialty dishes. Portions are generous and filling. Desserts are the calling card at Luciana Mamila. Pastries are displayed in a glass case at the entrance, reminding you what is waiting for you.

The theme of the restaurant many be Italian, but the view is classic Jerusalem. Luciana at Mamila has one of the great views of the walls of the old city, in Jerusalem.

Meat and Eat - First Train Station, Jerusalem 1-599-500505
Meat and Eat Restaurant (Hebrew: Lechem Basar) in Jerusalem's First train station (Hebrew: Hatachana Harishona) offers quality dishes in a lovely and convenient setting. Once a working train station, First Station has be revived as an entertainment venue with shops, restaurants and performances. In the spirit of its location, Meat and Eat combines new and old. The decor is an eclectic mix of retro furniture scattered about and shared tables next to intimate areas and a modern bar.

Meat and Eat combines two passions: the passion for good meat and delicious Taboun oven-baked bread. Steaks, hamburgers and a selection of different types of meat and chicken are served with quality bread and refreshing salads.

Pompidou - 27 Emek Refaim, Jerusalem 02-6251111
Pompidou is a Bistro dairy restaurant and Bar on Emek Refaim. The restaurant features a dairy menu with a good selection of drinks. The restaurant offers an Italian menu with an esthetic French style atmosphere.

Enjoy mornings with a Pompidou Omelette, or Shakshouka or an unusual Risotto breakfast made with fresh cream, cinnamon, raisins and almonds. For lunch Italian bruschettas and focaccias, delicious salads, sandwiches, pasta and pizza. The specials include lasagna, ravioli, and cheese platter including a variety of aged cheeses.

The desserts are excellent as is the great Italian coffee.

Modiin Area
Michalis - Ishpro Center, Modiin Area 08-6691000

Michali’s is in the Yishpro center – a buzzing outdoor shopping outside Modi’in town center, easily accessible from Road 431. Michali’s offers indoor and outdoor seating, with an enclosed patio at the back which can be booked for functions. The design combines French rusticity with practical features – white and light oak furniture, shelves laden with fresh French baguettes and bread and jars of biscuits large and small. The staff are helpful and friendly – all making for a warm, pleasant ambience.

Michali’s calls itself ‘Patisserie and Boulangerie’ and indeed the cakes, pastries, pies, breads and rolls are of the variety and quality you might expect in the best French bakeries. But Michali’s is also a caf?-restaurant, with the full gamut of meals – a choice of breakfast dishes, salads, quiches, pizzas and pasta. In addition there are vegan options – they have thought of everybody.

Salta - 10 Rambam St, Ra'anana 09-7485983
Salta is a one-of-a-kind restaurant on Raanana’s Rambam Street. This small storefront eatery offers delicious dairy dishes in a fun environment.

The restaurant offers seating in the entrance and on an air conditioned deck. The decore is eclectic - every table is a different size and no two chairs are the same.

Vegetables used in the food preparation are stored in a vegetable stand in the dining area. If this sounds peculiar, let me assure you that the atmosphere is absolutely charming, cozy and homey.

The restaurant offers a very good dairy menu. The dishes are all creative and delicious. Salta is a curious experience, and a great addition to a city that prides itself in its folks willing to think out of the box.
Bakers - 3 Nafcha St, Tel-Aviv/Jaffa 03-6771770
Baker’s is a French patisserie in the heart of Tel Aviv, specializing in yummy breads, baguettes, pastries and croissants. These beautiful delectables are handmade, in house, under the baton of pastry chef and restaurant partner Alex.

French folks from far and wide flock to Baker’s Patisserie for the real thing. Time Out Tel Aviv magazine numbers Baker’s among the 10 best patisseries in Tel Aviv, kosher and non-kosher. Achbar Hair called Baker’s the best croissants in Tel Aviv. Click here for more info.