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Last update: November 2021
Yama Bar Sushi & Wok Kiryat Hamada 3, Har Hotzvim, Jerusalem
Tel: 02-6200400
Kashrut: Mehadrin Rav Ruben
    Asian restaurant and Sushi. Choose from a full menu of delicious and creative dishes. Indoor/outdoor seating. Mehadrin. Rav Rubin.
Nini Choo 18 Hasivim Street, Petach Tikva
Tel: 03-5183333
Kashrut: Rabbanut Petach Tikva
    Delicious Asian cuisine. Japanese, Thai, Vietnamese cuisine. Excellent dining experience. Sister restaurant of the popular Tel Aviv Nini Hachi.
Red Heifer Steakhouse 26 King David Street, Jerusalem
Tel: 02-6240504

Kashrut: Rav Rubin
    Meat restaurant. Varied menu including meat pizzas, burgers, steaks and high end cuts. Good location and good service. Indoor/outdoor seating. Mehadrin.
Ruben Beit Shemesh 1 Yigal Alon, Big Center, Beit Shemesh
Tel: 02-502 8880
Kashrut: Rabbanut Beit Shemesh
    Grilled and smoked meat sandwiches at the Beit Shemesh branch of the Ruben Restaurant. Steak, lamb chops, and more. Great for parties.
EatBar Givat Tal shopping center 2 Moshe Dayan, Rosh Haayin
Tel: 052 806 6994

Kashrut: Rabbanut Rosh Haayin
    Family-friendly meat and burger restaurant. High end foods at reasonable price. Indoor/outdoor seating.
Biga Modiin Azrieli Mall, Modiin
Tel: 072 371 3161
    Full dairy restaurant. Breakfast to dinner. Light meals, full meals, drinks and desserts. Cofortable seating at the entrance to the mall.
141 Ahuza St., Raanana
Hashgacha: Rabbanut Raanana Mehadrin
    Full dairy restaurant with creative dishes from the French, Spanish and Italian kitchens. Enjoy fresh fish dishes, creative salads, unusual pasta dishes and more..

Restaurant Revisited

October 2019
This month eLuna revisited Bistro56 at the boat marina, Herzlia. This is a restaurant the way restaurants are meant to be. With a terrace filled with tables covered in white cloth, a view of the Herzlia Marina and the sea breeze, this is one of the most inviting restaurants that you will find anywhere.

The Mediterranean menu offers a pleasant balance of meat, fish and vegetable dishes. A large staff provide excellent service with a smile. Bistro 56 is an eLuna favorite. Reservations are recommended.

The Arena Mall, Boat Marina, Herzlia 
Tel: 09-956 5181 
Kashrut: Rabbanut Herzlia

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