Street Food Restaurants

Do you love to eat out but you are put off by the cost? Are you in a hurry and you can't spend the time at a restaurant?

Enter Street food. These are s
mall eateries offering inexpensive yet tasty and healty fast food. The menu is short, service is fast, and the dent is easy. There is often just one type of food such as sandwiches with a limited choice of fillings.

Street food has its place on the culinary landscape and we hope you will enjoy.

Note that eLuna offers no discounts at street food restaurants. You can buy a voucher for the value of dinner for two, while vouchers last.
HaSalatiya - 23 Hillel St, Jerusalem 02-622 3300
Make your own salad. Choose up to 8 vegetables + extras.
Pasta and sadwiches available
Kashrut: Rabbanut Yerushalayim Mehadrin
Oshi Oshi Jerusalem - Malcha Mall 1st floor, Jerusalem 1700708023
Asian menu in the Malcha Mall
Favorite sushi and noodle dishes.
Take A Wok - 15 Sarei Yisrael, Jerusalem 02-6636679
Chinese street food. Buy your meal in 3 easy steps. First choose a base: either noodles or rice. Then choose a topping: meat, vegetables, tofu, etc. Finally choose a sauce: sweet, spicy. Your meal is ready in minutes. Eat at the restaurant or take you box home. Bring your eLuna coupon for extras at the restaurant.
Urbun - 5 Hashikma, Jerusalem 0542920932
Best buns in Israel prepared by American chef Josh Admon. Nothing is better than an Urbun and a cuppa. They come sweet and sweeter, topped with cream, fruit, berries, cinnamon and more. If you can't decide, spin the wheel and enjoy the one that the wheel chooses. Buy a bun for a soldier and post your "kapitel" on their board. A happy soldier will come in and enjoy your gift.
Zalman's - 3 Lunz St, Jerusalem 058-799-9457
Zalman's Street Food Restaurant offers a variety of chef sausages made from 100% quality meat. Hot dogs come in soft melt-in-your-mouth rolls and are served alongside crispy chips - Chips and onlion rings are made separately from the meat so they are parve. Stop in for an American hot dog. The only thing missing is the baseball game.