Indian Cuisine Restaurants

Namaste - 20 Hatayelet, Ashdod/Ashkelon 08-8562437
Namaste kosher is possibly the most authentic Indian restaurant in Israel. You can't miss the uniquely designed Moorish-style building on the Ashdod tayelet. The spacious restaurant has a pleasant Indian decor. The menu is varied with both meat and veggie dishes. Dishes are exotic to the Western palate, and a visit to Namaste is a fine culinary adventure. The staff will be happy to advise you, and the spices will be adjusted to your taste.
Or Akiva
Taj - 2 Rothchild St, Or Akiva 04-8388440
Good things often come in small packages. So it is with Taj restaurant.
Taj is a modest restaurant in a shopping promenade in Or Akiva. There are only 4 or 5 tables so each table gets full attention. The restaurant has many followers in the 5-towns area (Ceasarea, Or Akiva, Pardes Hana, Zichron Yaakov) and in the short time that it is open it has made a nice name for itself

Moshe Solomon is the power behind this family owned restaurant. Mosher made aliya from Mumbai in 1973. His wife, also Indian, is from Dimona. Together they run the restaurant with Moshe's mother, who presides over the kitchen. If it is good home made Indian cooking that you are after, you came to the right place.
Curryliinas - 32 Habarzel St, Tel-Aviv/Jaffa 03-6722709
Curryliina's is a beautiful invested venue in Tel Aviv's Ramat Hahayal tech park. The unique Anglo-Indian cuisine, popular in Britain, was missing from the Israeli culinary scene till restaurature Karolina and her Indian star chef came along and worked kitchen miracles creating a kosher mehadrin version of his cuisine.

The restaurant has a diverse menu with grilled meats alongside traditional Indian dishes. There are so many options it is best to either order many dishes or bring friends and share.

Shabbat meals can be ordered for delivered to locations in central Israel. Described as a curry restaurant, you will enjoy a rich selection of Indian flavors including Poppadums (crackers made of chickpea flour), nine kinds of curry ranging from the sweet to the spicy-hot, with and without meat, vegetable curries, and three kinds of rice: Plain, Pillau and Lemon. Dishes are available with meat or without.