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Esh Besh
Tel Chai 95, Industrial Area, Kiryat Shmonah
Southern entrance to the city
Tel: 04-690 2330

Kashrut: Rabbanut Kiryat Shmonah

Open Sunday through Thursday 12:00 noon till 12:00 midnight. After Shabbat till midnight. Closed Friday and Shabbat.

This write up was submitted by Pesach Rogoway (
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"At Esh Besh they know meat. The meat is processed on site and then grilled over coals. Enjoy lamb chops, steak, entricote steak, and skewered meat."

> It's no secret that Kosher food lovers, or even Kosher folks who just don't want to starve, have some difficulty when they range to the far north of the country in the Upper Galilee area around Kiryat Shmoneh. For a while there was a fine Chinese place, much later an El Gaucho (still there but no longer Kosher), and more recently a branch of Nathan's, but these, along with a couple of nameless joints with more cats than people, are no longer options. It's true that there are some kibbutz hotels with kosher dining rooms but they cater mostly to their hotel guests and the food is predictably unimaginative.

So what's a family to do? Do not despair - Esh Besh is there!
From its location in an industrial area next to a gas station, and its external appearance surrounded by less than modern storefronts, you wouldn't expect much, but if you're bold enough to try it, you won't be disappointed. You enter into a rather large room, with solid ranch style tables and designer wrought iron chairs with "Esh Besh" cut out of the back of each. There is plenty of room between tables and the overall atmosphere is relaxing, so you feel you've come to the right place, especially if you've been wandering around town looking for anything at all that is Kosher and presentable.

On the evening my companion and I (I've always dreamed of saying that) were there, about half the room was set up for a party. We managed to finish most of our meal before it started, but we were there long enough to notice that the small but efficient staff were able to serve all of us with relative ease and with courtesy well above average as compared with that generally found in restaurants in Israel's larger cities.

As its name implies, Esh Besh specializes in grilled meats with the usual token fish dishes for those who insist. We started with a "spiced plate" that included "cigars" and Kubbeh (NIS 30). Everything was superb, especially the kubbeh, probably the best I've ever eaten. Along with that we had a really good fresh vegetable salad, too large for the two of us to finish.

For our main dishes we chose lamb chops (NIS 63 for 350 grams) and an entrecote steak (also NIS 63 for 350g. or NIS 72 for 500 g.). Both were excellent. The chops were spiced to perfection, and the steak was grilled precisely to order and came with about five condiments and sauces to choose from. The French fries were good and plentiful. Wine was priced reasonably, so we ordered a half bottle from the adequate (but not outstanding) list.

Other items on the menu include large skewers ("swords") of chicken or steak, veal chops, goose liver, fillet steak, and, of course, the usual assortment of soft drinks and desserts.

Just in case you haven't yet noticed, it should be mentioned that Esh Besh is not one of your normal shwarma/skewer and soggy "chips" places; it is a first class steak and chops house, and the prices are reasonable for that type of establishment. If your budget is limited, order one or two main courses and share them. That's what the family at the adjacent table seemed to be doing, and they looked very satisfied.

The $64,000 question, of course, is would Noah have been a righteous person even in Abraham's generation? (Actually, their lifetimes did overlap). Or, would Esh Besh make it in New York and not just in Peoria? The answer is a resounding yes. If you're anywhere near Kiryat Shmoneh, give it a try.

Customer Comment:
From: Tali Shain. Date: Oct 31, 2001. Description: While on a family trip in the north of Israel, I asked the local folks where there was a good place to eat where I could stick my teeth into some meat? The suggestion I took them up on was Esh Besh in Kiryat Shmonah. When approaching from the outside, the restaurant looks like your standard neighborhood joint, but once inside a pleasant surprise is awaiting. The ambiance is clean, soothing and warm, we found the waitress to be very pleasant and the meat we ordered was served in large portions and made to perfection just as we had asked (meaning that when you ask for medium rare, that's exactly what you get, and not well done for all). the food was not cheap, but for the level of service and quality of food and atmosphere, was well worth the price as far as my family and I were concerned.

From: leush Date: June 10, 2003, Description: My husband and I visited this restaurant during vacation last year. The food was excellent, and the portions were HUGE. We ordered salads and 2 "swords" of meat with fries. Well, they don't call them swords for nothing. We could hardly finish the meat and the fries went streight into the doggy bag.

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