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15 Yad Harutzim Street
Talpiot (Industrial Area), Jerusalem

Kashrut: Rabbanut Jerusalem, Meat (with vegetarian options)
Easy wheelchair access.

Open Sunday - Thursday 11:00am till 12:00 midnight. Saturday night till midnight. .Closed Friday and Shabbat.

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January 2002

About HaTagin...
In Moroccan, a "Tagin" is a special ceramic pot. It is the secret to good Moroccan cooking.

The pot has a unique shaped top - sort of like a Hershey's kiss! This pot is used for slow cooking - allowing for all of the flavors to blend together. Visit HaTagin restaurant and judge for yourself.

Yad Harutzim is the main drag of the Industrial Area of Talpiot. There are numerous shops and stores of all kinds in this area. If you need help finding the restaurant, ask for 'Kanyon Achim Yisrael' (with the Bank Leumi and CenterPharm). HaTagin is across the street and up a bit.

HaTagin has a nice Moroccan decor with an upscale flavor. The restaurant is clean, well-lit and airy. And there is even outdoor seating, weather permitting.

Dining at HaTagin is like taking a fabulous tour of Morocco.

Lunch is a great time to come to HaTagin! The buffet spread is a sight to see! The same dishes are served in the evening for dinner, but a la carte. Business lunch specials (25NIS - 35NIS) include the unlimited salad bar, (soup with the more expensive business lunch), a main course, a drink, delicious bread and tea. The eLuna discount coupon does not apply to the business lunch.

A la carte, from the menu:
When you are seated, the waiter will bring several salatim to your table. These include spicy Moroccan carrots, eggplant, pickled lemons, corn, mushroom, etc. and very fresh, warm bread. The bread looks like an oblong-shaped pita, but thicker and sprinkled with a secret flavoring.

Soups (13NIS - 15NIS) - While the selection is limited, just go for the Harira - a Moroccan specialty - thick and chunky with whole chickpeas, lentils, cilantro and more. It is served with a slice of lemon - I highly recommend a little squeeze.

Special Hummus dishes (13NIS - 18NIS), served as you like it - with your choice of whole chickpeas, mushrooms, techina, pine nuts or meat!

Appetizers (14NIS - 20NIS) - including Artichoke filled with meat; Pastellim and Cigarim (those deep fried bourekas thingies, filled with meat or potatoes); Kubeh; spicy Moroccan fish (also a main course, in the Tagin!)

Main Courses (30NIS - 45NIS) - Tagin is the name and Tagin is aim! Choose a Tagin of chicken with dried fruits and almonds; or beef with veggies; or the spicy Moroccan fish with peppers, garlic, chickpeas and cilantro; or one of several others. These meals are served in Tagin dishes!

Other main courses include Couscous (vegie or with chicken and dried fruits), Chicken (grilled, schnitzels, or roasted in various sauces), and "Al HaEsh" - grilled meats (Kebabs, Chicken Livers, Mixed Grill, Shishlik, Steaks, etc.)

Desserts (9NIS - 15NIS) - Excellent Moroccan cookies, sherberts and some very unique specialty items.

Try This...
Take over the entire restaurant for your simcha - up to 150 people. Make your special event a little journey to Morocco! You can also have your simcha catered outside the restaurant and groups are welcome at the restaurant with reservations in advance. HaTagin is not only a great dining experience, it is a great cultural experience as well! Enjoy!

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