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28 HaEgoz Street, Mahane Yehuda, Jerusalem
Tel: 02-656 3691
Kashrut: Mehadrin Chatam Sofer. Meat: Badatz Kehilot

Open Sunday Thursday 1:00pm till midnight. Motzash 8pm till midnight.
Closed Shabbat.

Hatch BrewPub
Micro-Brewed Beer & House-Made Sausage Sandwiches

January 2018
Ephraim Greenblatt, owner and the power behind Hatch Micro pub is a man with a passion. That passion, this time, is Hatch, the micro brewery in Machine Yehuda. This is not the first time that this energetic entrepreneur "hatched" an idea. Previous passions include a Montessori haredi pre-school for his children to get a better education, still running successfully to this day.

Ephraim is a self-starter who is not afraid to try new things. When he decided to hatch the brew pub he studied up, reading some 50 books on the subject. He learned to build the hardware in the brewery with his own two hands, and then set about learning how to make beer and then how to run a business. You might say that for Ephraim learning how to do it is the point. The result is a popular street-food restaurant awash with energy and Ephraim's entrepreneurial spirit. This is a fun eat and drinkery that you will leave smiling.

Hatch offers craft beer and homemade sausage sandwiches. The brewery is really the thing but Ephraim realized that man does not live by alcohol alone. To get people out, you gotta offer food. So along with a great variety of brews Hatch offers a selection of sandwiches. These meat sandwiches are stuffed with sausages of different sorts and served on house-baked buns.

Ephraim is constantly tweaking the menu - both the brews and the sausages. There are 4 sausage sandwiches on the menu at a time. New sandwiches are introduced every week, and the sandwiches of the day are posted on a blackboard. We are still waiting for a vegetarian alternative. All beer is brewed in house with new brews introduced periodically. There is also a rotating cocktail menu.

"The devil is in the details" and Ephraim is on top of all the details, not only the food and drink but the design, the placement of the items, cleanliness, service and everything else.

Hatch is a small eatery with a few bar stools inside and covered seating outside.

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