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Holyland Park Cafe
at the Holyland Hotel, Jerusalem
Tel 02-6420905

Kashrut: Rabbanut Yerushalayim

Open Sunday - Thursday 8:30am - after midnight. Friday till one hour before Shabbat and Saturday night one hour after Shabbat. Closed Shabbat

Submitted by Debbie Miller
Jerusalem has never had such a beautiful place to get away to. The Holyland Park Cafe is just that, a place that you can go to, inside Jerusalem, where you feel that you have been on a little vacation for an hour or two.

The cafe is situated behind the Holyland Hotel. It is on top of a mountain with beautifully landscaped gardens and enormous old pine trees. It is perfectly laid out so that everyone has a shade tree and a brilliant view. Enormous clay pots holding palm trees stand at the arched entrance to the restaurant and very large arched window line all the walls giving even those who chose to sit inside an excellent view. The restaurants very tall ceilings add to the feeling of spaciousness. I have never been to a restaurant in Jerusalem with such an open feeling. Even though the place was filled to capacity and people were waiting in line for a table (for up to 40 minutes) you did not feel crowded.

This write up was submitted byOren Nidam []
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Revisited May 2009
We revisited The Holy Land Park Café after too long an absence. We were very pleased with the masterfully prepared food, the chic ambiance, and the first class service. Holyland Park Café is a most fulfilling restaurant experience, rivaling the finest cuisines in Manhattan.

Approaching the restaurant we admired the spacious outdoor area in front. In the Spring and Summer, this outdoor seating would be hard to resist. Laid out in the front courtyard amongst the tables there is a park, garden, and two lovely private gazebos. The restaurant overlooks a breathtaking view of Jerusalem, and witnessing this we could appreciate one of the things that make the Holy Land Park Café unique.

The pleasant café interior makes for a very enjoyable dining experience. The entrance to the restaurant is through an arched doorway and the entire front wall is made up of elegant floor to ceiling arched windows. The soft music and finely selected artwork adds a rich touch to the mood of the café.

The Italian dairy menu boasts a wide variety of appetizers, soups, salads, and main courses. We started with a delicious lettuce salad with cashews covered with parmesan cheese in balsamic vinaigrette. I couldn’t get enough of this delicious appetizer. The house bread is served hot with a variety of fresh spreads. I ordered the cheese ravioli with a creamy mushroom sauce which was delectable. My companion had the fettuccini in a rich tomato sauce. The portions were huge and there were leftovers of everything. The salmon fillet that other diners had chosen, looked amazing, and when I go back to this restaurant I know that’s what I am ordering. For dessert I had the Napoleon cake. It is one of many treats worth indulging. My companion had difficulty deciding between a personal hot apple pie and pecan pie with a scoop of ice cream. He decided to go with the Pecan, and it was perfect.

The restaurant is fully equipped to host all types of events and occasions with a capacity of up to two hundred and fifty guests. The venue is ideal for all types of affairs.

Whether dining there or attending an occasion The Holy Land Café provides an exceptional and pleasurable dining experience

Getting there:
Take the Begin highway towards Malcha mall. Turn right at the exit. Take a right at the next traffic light and another right at the round about. Follow the signs to the cafe.


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