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Meat, Fusion, Mediterranean Cuisine

At the Music Center, Nachalat Shiva, Jerusalem
Tel: 02-9944902
Kashrut: Rabbanut Yerushalayim Mehuderet

Open Sunday - Thursday: 12:00 noon - 11:00 pm. One hour after Shabbat till midnight. Closed Friday and Shabbat.

Kinor Bakikar

August 2017
Kinor Bakikar is an elegant chef's restaurant, specializing in fusion meat dishes and Mediterranean cuisine. The menu also includes fish, seasonal salads and breads baked especially for you. The restaurant is located in Music Square, in Jerusalem's prestigious residential and cultural complex in Nahalat Shiva. The Music Center contains a variety of boutique shops, a museum and a gallery. The restaurant occupies a large area with both indoor and outdoor seating which faces Music Square. This is ideal for enjoying the live musical performances held in the square.

The fine design and the elegant decor is the perfect setting for the fine food served at the restaurant. Architect Severin Zitman is designed the space, choosing the furnishings, the elegant parquet flooring and the unique color combination. A Jasper stove brought from Italy is at the heart of the restaurant. Here the meat is roasted, giving it a unique flavor.

Kinor Bakikar is a high end dining experience. Waiters are dressed in white shirts and bow ties. Chef Kobi Katani presides over the restaurant's kitchen. He acquired his fine reputation at successful restaurants in Australia and in Israel. The dishes that he presents are those that you know and love, cooked in a modern style with the highest quality ingredients. In addition to a good place to eat, Kinor Bakikar is a place for an enjoyable cultural experience.

About Kinor Bakikar

Like most fine restaurants Kinor Bakikar has a limited menu of dishes that they do really well. Each of these dishes looks attractive so prepared to have a dilemma when you order. Appetizers include vegetarian and meat options ranging from green salad to my favorite vegetable tempura, and on to the higher end meat appetizers such as Pizza with roast beef and Pate de foi gras. Main courses are in two groups: Entrees and meat skewers. The skewers include veal entrecote with onions on skewers, breast of duck with a honey sauce, and others. There is even an all vegetable skewer, The prices, I believe are per skewer and I am guessing that one is not enough.

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Entrees are the dishes where the restaurant shines. Top of the line is the roast fillet of beef with beef sauce, shallots and mushrooms. Then the 300 gram veal entrecote with garlic and fries. On the lower end enjoy 220 grams of hamburgers with fries. There is one fish Entree and one vegetarian pasta entree.

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Bring the family to Kinor Bakikar and let the kids choose one of the childrens dishes. They are sure to love the 150 gram burger with fries or the shnitzel. .

Fresh Kitchen Jerusalem day outside view zaks

From the menu: Appetizers NIS 38 - 45 for the Pate de foi gras with chicken liver. Meat skewers main courses NIS 48 each. Veal NIS 56. Entrees start at NIS 68 for the hamburger and range to NIS 168 for the roast fillet of beef. Childrens meals NIS 49.

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