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Chinese Restaurant
77 Ahuza St., Raanana
Telephone: 09-7799061
Kashrut: Rabanut Raanana

Open Sunday - Thursday: 10:00 am. - 10:00 pm. Friday till 5:00 pm. Closed Shabbat

La Missada Chinese Kitchen

October 2016
La Missada "The Restaurant" offers a combination of yummy food, charming and comfortable seating, elegant French service and Chinese style cuisine. What's a French guy doing with a Chinese restaurant? La Missada manager Tony is a French oleh. He ran a similar restaurant in Paris, and from the look, it appears that he cut-and-paste the Paris restaurant to Raanana.

This is a restaurant for people who value both food and the atmosphere. La Missada has a simple modern decor and comfortable indoor and outdoor.seating. The restaurant gives a clean and well run impression. No surprise, as the managers are seasoned restaurateurs. Experience makes a difference, and eLuna has seen enough restaurants to know.

La Missada has a new slick English language menu. Like the restaurant, the menu is simple. clean, and friendly. It is sprinkled with fortune-cookie type sayings.

award winning croissant

About The La Missada Menu

La Missada is a meat restaurant with vegetarian options. Dishes are prepared on the spot in the peep-in kitchen so you can request tweaks that will be honored such as more or less seasoning, non-meat versions of meat dishes, etc.

Check the teudah. Not to worry, these are kosher shrimps. Of course who would know how close the kosher La Missada version are to the original. The 5 pieces that it said in the menu were actually 6, and my companion and I shared the appetizer. These were quite tasty, even if I cannot compare them to the non-kosher variety.

Starters also include fried wraps and rolls, steamed Dim Sum and dumplings.

Chicken, beef, lamb and fish main courses are prepared with spicy, sweet and sour, and carmelized sauces. In addition, meat dishes are available flavored with mushrooms, curry, Szechuan and ginger.

Before we knew it, the waitress was asking for our choice of main course. Turned out that my companion and I both chose a sweet and sour dish. He chose the sweet and sour chicken and I chose the sweet and sour fish. I was delighted with this dish, as it was loaded with nicely cooked vegetables. My companion had more trouble finding the vegetables in his chicken dish. But he enjoyed the dish very much.

Main dishes go well with rice, which must be ordered separately. You'll see the rice dishes on the menu with a fortune-cookie message.

The rice section of the menu offers several rice-based main dishes. The Cantonese Rice described as stir-fried rice with beans, eggs, and pastrami cubes could be a main course (NIS 26). Pekinese Rice is stir-fried rice with egg and the famous shrimps What caught my eye is the Chop-suey, which is rice with stir-fried vegetables (NIS 30). This will be my choice at my next visit to the restaurant.

This many be a Chinese restaurant, but it is run by a Frenchman. So there is wine, and plenty of it. Nobody knows wine like the French, and La Missada carries a selection of Israeli, French and Italian wines. Here is your opportunity to try the French Pastis or the Tunisian Boukha.

There are also whiskeys, vodkas and they'll even make you a martini. Keeping with the theme of the restaurant, there is Japanese Sake by the bottle, and Choya by the glass.


From the Menu: Starters NIS39.Noodle dishes NIS 39. Rice side dish NIS 15 - 25. Chicken Mains NIS 55. Lamb Mains NIS 72. Beef Mains NIS 62. Fish Mains NIS 72.Desserts NIS 35. Prices are an average in the category.

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