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12 Yoel Salomon Street, Jerusalem
Tel: 02-6232524

Kashrut: Rabbanut Yerushalayim, Dairy and Fish

Open Sunday - Thursday 8:30am till 1:00am. Friday till 4:00pm. Saturday night after Shabbat till 1:00am. Closed Shabbat.

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update July 2003
Luigi is located on Yoel Salomon street, in the middle of the 'other' midrachov - the pedestrian mall near the bottom of Ben Yehuda and Jaffa Roads. This area is a short walk from most of the hotels and an easy car/taxi ride into the city.

Luigi's has both indoor and outdoor seating. The indoor area can accommodate small to medium-sized groups; sitting outdoors, along the pedestrian mallis a very pleasurable dining experience.

A very nice Italian dairy dining experience - plentiful, tasty and pleasant.

Start off with a great appetizer: a little Antipasti, one of the five kinds of Focaccia, a Caprese Salad (served on Focaccia), creamed eggplant; or a special treat: The Leaning Tower of Pisa (chunks of feta cheese towered high interspersed with various spreads, served with fresh bread).

Soups and Salads are also available for the first course. While the minestrone soup is quite good filled with lots of chunky veggies, the creamed tomato soup is wonderful.

Sandwiches are now part of Luigi's menu, offering four kinds including Halomi cheese; Eggplant; Tuna; or a very unique Baked Peppers with Feta Cheese and Basil!

Main courses at Luigi's are a delight to the eye and the palat - Luigi's offers pizza (with a very creative and excellent tasting Pesto Pizza) and a great variety of pasta dishes - your choice of a variety of pastas (including gnocchi) and then your choice of 12 different sauces, including Aglio Olio (Garlic and Olive Oil), Pesto, Peperacino (spicy!). They also have Eggplant Parm; Lasagna; Calzones and more.

For fish lovers, Luigi's has three excellent options: Salmon Steak; Baked Trout (with walnuts, garlic, lemon and parsley); or Baked St. Peter's Fish, stuffed with mushrooms and onions.

And save room for dessert: pies, custards, blintzes, ice cream, etc. We had the cheesecake and it was a very American-style cheesecake complete with cookie crumbs and chocolate sauce strueseled about.

Appetizers (21NIS - 36NIS), Soups (22NIS), Salads (27NIS - 41NIS), Sandwiches (31NIS), Pasta (37NIS - 43NIS), dessert (18NIS - 27NIS)

BREAKFAST: Beautiful, crisp morning air, sitting outside of this sidewalk "café" you can enjoy a croissant and coffee; a muesli - fruit salad with yogurt and granola and a drink; or a full breakfast consisting of an omelet (onion, mushroom and mozzarella cheese), veggie salad, rolls with cream cheese, butter, honey and jam, coffee or tea.

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