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Mifgash HaSteak

37 Menachem Begin, Tel Aviv
Tel: 03-562-3170
Kashrut: Rabbanut Tel Aviv
Open Sunday - Thursday: 11:00 am. - 2:00 am. Friday: 11:00 am. - one hour before Shabbat.
Open Motzei Shabbat: one hour after Shabbat - 2:00 am. Closed Shabbat.

Mifgash HaSteak

February 2014
MIfgash HaSteak Tel Aviv  Grill meatMifgash HaSteak is not just any steakiya. This is a proper grill restaurant with class. You may remember the Mifgash Hasteak restaurant of yore. The restaurant has been open for almost half a century. The new Mifgash HaSteak has a teudat kashrut, attracting both kosher and non-kosher diners.

The folks at Mifgash HaSteak have updated the restaurant for the 21st century. The design was modernized, the menu revitalized, and the restaurant is now an upmarket Israeli grill restaurant, tailored to the tastes of the new Israeli diner. The restaurant maintains its format as a steakiya, with the traditional salads, grilled meats, skewers, humus and chips. At Mifgash HaSteak you get all this in a spiffy and upmarket environment. The 21st century Israeli diner likes his salads fresh and flavorful. Meat has to be the best cuts and grilled just right. Mifgash HaSteak knows what Israelis like.

About the Mifgash HaSteak Menu

Mifgash HaSteak Tel Aviv Mushroom Humus

Mifgash HaSteak merges the new and the traditional. Start you meal with the table full of salads that you have loved all these years. Fresh and crispy you will know that the salads are all made that day with no preservatives or food additives. The signature dish at Mifgash HaSteak is the humus. We recommend the humus with mushrooms: real home made humus with fresh whole mushrooms. Yum.

Mifgash HaSteak Tel Aviv WineNot just salads and steak, the restaurant offers a variety of soups and stews. And the grill offers not just meat and skewers, but fresh fish either grilled or baked. What Steakiya has wine? Mifgash HaSteak offers a fine selection of Israeli wines displayed throughout the restaurant.

One thing that has not changed at Mifgash HaSteak all these years, is the warm and friendly atmosphere. This is the Israel of yore, with staff that has been at the restaurant for more than 10 years.

Enjoy the restaurant fare all week long. Then visit the restaurant on Friday to take away for Shabbat. Order in advance. The new Mifgash HaSteak has a private room for meetings and get-togethers of up to 20 diners. The restaurant will be pleased to cater your events outside the restaurant.
120 seats. Bar seating.

Mifgash HaSteak Tel Aviv desserts
Dessert. Parve and delicious.

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