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63 Jabotinsky St., Petach Tikvah
Tel. 03-9227795

Kashrut: Rabbnut Mehadrin

Open Sunday - Thursday 11:00 am till 1:00 am. After Shabbat till 1:00am. Closed Friday and Shabbat.

A bit of restaurant history before we eat:
Muldan restaurant takes its name from its first location, which was across the street from the Dan Tel-Aviv hotel. The restaurant became so popular, the Dan hotel could have called itself Mul-Muldan.

The restaurant has now moved to Petach Tikva and they have taken their name - and a good name it is - with them. When you visit this restaurant, now across from Kiryat Aryeh, don't be disappointed when you don't see the Dan hotel across the street.

This will be your only disappointment at the new Muldan restaurant off Jabotinsky, on the right hand side of the street as you approach the city of Petach Tikva. The restaurant, now in a gasoline station, stlll offers great food in a warm and pleasant environment. Individual guests dine on the entrance level and parties for up to 100 guests can be held on the second floor. The decor is rich and modern, with dark wood tables and chairs and a large flat-screen tv on the wall. Naturally.

Big round toasted lafa bread was placed on the table as soon as we made our orders. This was a great way to enjoy the one plate of humus which we took for the two of us. The humus was exceptionally good. Note that all the spreads and salads are sold for take away as well as enjoyed at the restaurant.

Whenever my dining companion gets within shouting distance of an Israeli grill restaurant he starts salivating for chicken wings. So he started his meal with a NIS 26 plate of chicken wings which he followed up with pargiot on skewers served with salad and chips. If you eat nothing else, you must have the chips. These are thick, crispy, fresh and delicious, and are not to be missed. The restaurant also offers grilled fish served with salad and one side dish.

The service at this restaurant is excellent. The kitchen is well staffed and well run and there is very little waitinig between courses. Without any preasure we were in and out in under an hour, which must be a record for dining out in Israel. Note that the restaurant can be very busy, so turn over is a priority. Our bill, including two soft drinks, came to NIS 210. We did not have dessert, which would have added another NIS 30 per person to the bill.

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