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11 Haorgim St., Ashdod
Tel: 08-860-6606
Kashrut: Rabbanut Ashdod. Glatt meat is available with advance notice.
Open Sunday - Thursday: 12 noon. - 12 midnight. Open Motzei Shabbat: One hour after Shabbat till last customer. Closed Friday and Shabbat.


November 2015
Ashdod is not as far from Tel Aviv as you think. Ashdod is a marvelous town on the Mediterranean coast. The color of the light in the coastal towns is like no other part of the country. The French olim have discovered Ashdod, and you will sense the French presence in the city. They know a good thing when they see it. Welcome, our olim from France.

In Ashdod on business, we decided to stop for lunch at Sinta restaurant in Ashdod’s Industrial area. Ashdod is a city of commerce. There are simcha halls and large shops, and the kind of industry that you would expect to find in a port city. Very large trucks abound, hauling containers and port related goods.

The restaurant is on the ground level in an outdoor shopping center (handicap friendly). The restaurant is very close to the large shopping center parking lot, which is free of charge. There are several shops of interest in this center, including a large wine and spirits shop.

The restaurant indoor seating area is spacious and stylized with comfortable tables and banquettes. A large sparkling bar fills the center of the room. The menu offers a large selection of wines and cocktails – we’ll save that for dinner, another time.

Sinta - indoor seating

About The Sinta Menu

When we arrived at the restaurant for a late lunch, there was a bustle of lunchers inside, driving us to dine on the outdoor deck and enjoy the gorgeous sunny day. Our charming waitress was patient with us, first time diners at this restaurant. Despite the sizable lunch crowd the kitchen kept the pace and the dishes came out promptly.

Other than the music which was lowered at our request (but after time magically returned to its previous levels), the dining experience was perfect. Sinta offers great food, fine service, and a delightful ambiance.

Sinta specializes in meats and fish cooked over coals. The food has that barbecue smoked flavor that only comes from cooking over coals. The restaurant offers a business lunch which is a good deal, at about 100 shekels per person. (Note that the eLuna discount voucher does not apply to the business lunch or fixed price dinner.)

Sinta - Chopped Lived appetizerWe started our lunch with the liver pate appetizer. This was an attractive dish with a large medallion of chopped liver in the center of the plate surrounded by thin and narrow slices of toast.

For our main course we had the grilled salmon, which comes with a choice of side dishes. The barbecue flavored salmon, was exceptional. We chose the mashed potatoes for our side dish, and found that they set the fish off well. They were served separately, topped with fried onions. The portions were generous and the foods were delicious.

The business lunch is a nice introduction to Sinta Restaurant, but to experience the versatility of this restaurant you really must dine in the evening. The evening menu includes a long list of unusual and attractive dishes. Start your dinner at Sinta with the Turkish bread with meat dish. This is focaccia in olive oil with chopped lamb meat and onions, cherry tomatoes and peppers of all colors. If you prefer a non-meat starter you might try the tempura mix of mushrooms and onions with a chili sauce. You can go for broke and start with the Rossini Roll – rolled beef fillet filled with goose liver and dates, grilled over coals. Not so adventuresome? Enjoy the yummy house salads, humus of different types and sizes, or soup.

Wait – we have not even gotten to the main courses. There are a multitude of main dishes in a seeming never-ending list of categories that includes salads, noodle dishes and tortillas. The menu continues with a section called “Meats on Swords.” These are large skewers with grilled organ meats. There are the traditional main courses including burgers, Sinta steak, 300 gr lamb chops, and many more choices. There is a selection of fish grilled over coals – as we had for our lunch. Sinta will please both you and your family, with their NIS 40 kids menu.

The restaurant has a VIP room for private events and meetings.

Sinta - Bar

From the menu: Turkish bread with meat NIS 39. mushrooms and onions NIS 38. House salads without a main course, NIS 25 per person. Rossini Roll NIS 89. Noodle dishes NIS 50. Organ meats skewered on swords NIS 40. Shnitzel NIS 58. Hamburger NIS 59. 300 gr lamb chops NIS 119. Childrens meals NIS 40.

Click here for a 10% discount coupon on your next order at Sinta. Print out this coupon and present it at the restaurant.

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