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Grill, Bar, Kareoke, Private Parties
5 Bareket Street, Herzlia Industrial Park
Tel: 09-9562117

Kashrut: Rabbanut Herzlia, Mehadrin Standard
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Open Sunday - Thursday 12noon till 3:00am. Open Friday for events only untill Shabbat. Motzai Shabbat: Open 2 hours after till the early morning. Closed Shabbat.
Business Lunch is served weekdays from 12:00 noon - 5:00pm.

This write up was submitted by Arthur L.
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Updated July 2012
Tarabin restaurant is named for the quiet desert oasis near Nuweiba in Sinai. This restaurant captures the exotic and romantic atmosphere of the desert, combined with delicious food and entertainment.

Tarabin contains many different decors, depending on your mood and the size of your party. There is an attractive main dining area with an adjacent full bar. Then there is the Moroccan section, which can host up to 60 guests. Another 60 guests can dine in the special VIP section, with a secondary VIP room having capacity for 17 more. Still another 60 can be seated in the exotic cave area. For a desert feeling, try the upstairs "shanti" area. And finally, there is a beautiful outdoor section. In all Tarabin can host up to 350 guests making Tarabin very appropriate for individuals, groups and private parties.

Tarabin, with its unique and enchanting atmosphere, brings the shanti of Sinai to the heart of Herzlia. There is a variety of seating, both on standard chairs and on low benches, remeniscent of the desert. This is a very large restaurant with plenty of room for parties of any size.

Tarabin restaurant focuses on both food and entertainment. The entertainment segment of the evening depends on when you come. Early evening diners will enjoy their dinner with quiet background music. Come a bit later for dinner and karaoke with a DJ.

We visited Tarabin for a 7:30 dinner, relatively early at this restaurant. We were the first dinner guests in the strikingly large dining room. This did not present a problem. The staff was attentive and the foods were served promptly.

Whereas the drinks usually appear at the end of a menu, at Tarabin they take center stage. The first pages of the English language menu list the alcoholic drinks including a good selection of beer on tap, whiskeys and cocktails. The bar is an integral part of the Tarabin dining experience so my partner chose a beer and I chose a Mohito cocktail.

For our starter we shared one order of humus topped with mushrooms. This was served with two fresh warm pitot. It was not the pitot that warmed the gullet, but the very nice cocktail served attractively in a tall glass with plenty of ice.

For our main course my companion chose the veal burger and I had the noodles with vegetables, one of the few non-meat menu items. Out came two very generous main courses. The lamb burger was served on a platter in a bun with a generous amount of crinkle cut crispy chips. The veggie noodle dish was so large it was more like a serving bowl for a family than a main dish for one person. We shared our meals which were both very good and went well with the beer and cocktail. The main courses were so plentiful we had no interest in dessert. The one thing that I could have gone for was another cocktail, but we decided to leave it at the one. Our eLuna coupon was accepted without question - they had seen these before - and a good time was had by all.

The restaurant welcomes guests who come for the entertainment, and offers a large number of light dishes, nishnushim, and a rich list of alcoholic beverages. The crispy sweet-potato fries, draught beer, and broadcasts on the plasma screen, makes for the perfect night out.

Tarabin is a restaurant for the young and the young at heart. I guess that most of us would want to be included in one of those two categories. Over the years Tarabin has become more solid and I would recommend this resstaurant to anyone interested in a good full dinner and a nice alcoholic drink.


Humus with mushrooms NIS 31, lamb burger NIS 67, veggies in noodles NIS 56, beer NIS 25, mohito cocktail NIS 36. Total: NIS 215

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