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Kosher Grill Meat Restaurant
2 Jabotinsky St, Next to the Sportan, Hod Hasharon
Tel: 09-9558000
Kashrut: Rabbanut Hod HaSharon
Wheelchair Accessible

Open Sunday - Thursday: 11:00am - 1:00am. Friday 11:00am - 4:00pm.
Motzai Shabbat: from one hour after Shabbat till 1:00am. Closed Shabbat.

June 2012
Thassos is a good Israeli grill restaurant in a fresh, modern and spiffy environment. At Thassos you get the Israeli grill menu that you love in an up-end environment at the prices of the shuk.

Thassos restaurant is unique in many ways. First, this restaurant is one of the only good kosher restaurants in Hod Hasharon, Welcome Thassos.

Then there is the lovely and invested decor. The room is dominated by wood with brick accents. The bar at the center of the room glistens and the overall impression is of a, fresh and gleaming interior. Soft background Israeli music tops off the experience. There is seating outside, and a section indoors that would work for a party of about 10. This restaurant is truly wheelchair friendly, from the parking lot to the restrooms, to the spacious interior. The punchline of the dining event is the bill, which will surprise you for the good. While the dining experience is high end, the bill comes in at the low end for this kind of dining experience.

The restaurant is located just off Ramatayim Blvd, outside the Sportan sport center, at the far end of the spacious Sportan parking lot.

Israeli Grill, Signature Cuisine

Thassos offers the basic Israeli grill menu, the signature cuisine of Israel. You can start with the traditional table full of salads, go on to grilled pargiot (chicken pieces), steak, or a variety of grilled meats. The salads, we were assured, are not the standard variety and include avocado, some less traditional vegetable salads, and unique flavors.

Salads sounded tempting but the elegant atmosphere inspired us to choose another direction. For our starter we shared a plate of humus topped with mushrooms. The humus, we were told, was the prize winner in humus competitions. The humus was served with delicious warm pitot, one grilled open-face pita, a tomato-based spread and the famous Greek Thassos olives, which is the source of the restaurant's name.

For our main dishes my companion followed the advice of the waiter and chose the pargiot with portobello mushrooms. Not a standard steakiya menu item, my companion was anxious to experience this dish. The dish had two nicely sized grilled breasts of tender chicken in a mild grill sauce on a large cap of grilled Portobello mushroom. This dish came with a choice of side dish, for which my companion choose the French fries. He was pleased with the generous portion of crisp fries served in a bowl on the side. A large cold beer topped that off. I went for the fish-and-chips, usually not a grill restaurant standard. This dish was fit for a king with a very good appetite. The plate had two very large coated and fried fish fillets and a separate bowl of chips.

Other menu items include a chopped liver appetizer, a green salad, or soup of the day. Thassos's "Skewers" come in a variety that includes chicken, beef, lamb, or even mullard (goose) varieties. Main courses include chicken steak, hamburger, or salmon fillets. Among the more unusual main courses is the Thassos "Pastry" - stuffed with veal, onion, tahini, salsa, and Thassos olives on the side. Affordable business lunches are available from noon to 5pm.

Thassos is a great family restaurant. Feel free to bring the kids since there is a reasonably priced children's menu.

Uncharacteristic of the basic steakiya, Thassos offers a great selection of boutique wines and exceptional desserts.

A selection of salads (as appetizer): nis 19. Humus appetizer with mushrooms: nis 28.
Fish N Chips: nis 52. Pargiot Portobello: nis 59. Children's menu NIS 39.

Thassos is availble for smachot and can host up to 150 guests.

From Our Readers:
Sumitted by Adina Appel. Date: August 2013. Description: wow! i took my family to Thassos to celebrate the 25th anniversary of our Aliyah. We were looking for a special venue for a special occasion and found it- in Hos Hasharon.
The staff was so helpful and friendly, they made us feel right at home. The food,(we had soup, absolutely delicious homemade chumus, wings, entrecote, hamburger, pargit and chicken) was all so delicious and  was served in very generous protions.

i am so glad we found this place- we are sure to come again!. none of the 6 of us found anything wrong with the place at all. We will become Thassos regulars.

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