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Holiday Inn Crowne Plaza Hotel
Givat Ram, Jerusalem
02-6588867, 6536667

Kashrut: Rabbanut Yerushalayim Meat, Indian

Open for lunch, Sunday - Friday from 12:00 noon till 4:00pm.
Open for dinner Sunday - Thursday 6pm till 11:30pm, and Saturday night after Shabbat. Closed Shabbat.

revised January 2014


Elegant Kohinoor restaurant is located in the 5-star Holiday Inn Crowne Plaza Hotel, the tall white building behind Binyanei Ha'uma at the entrance to the city. Most busses pass right by (across from the old Central Bus Station), and there is plenty of parking as well. The restaurant (as the entire hotel) is wheelchair accessible.

Kohinoor - Seating and Atmosphere

Step onto the magic carpet and be carried away to an Indian palace. You will feel as if you have escaped everyday life - even if it is just for a couple of hours. At Kohinoor enter into an authentic Indian world with a filigree ceiling, a warm, elegant decor, and beautifully costumed waiters and waitresses. It is a feast for your eyes and for your palate

Old World Dining and Fine old world service.

The Kohinoor staff is very attentive - with attention to detail. The main course is served on pre-warmed dinner plates; your water glass is always full; the wine is served appropriately chilled; etc.

The Kohinoor Menu

The food at Kohinoor is colorful and varied. The flavors are both familiar and exotic. . Though Kohinoor is a meat restaurant, no vegetarian will be disappointed. Those not familiar with Indian food , the staff will gladly guide you through the breadth and depth of the menu. In addition the menu clearly explains in English (and in Hebrew) the main nuances of Indian food.

Kohinoor affords a lovely romantic dinner for two. But if you come with another couple and you share, you will get to taste more of the menu!

The appetizers are scrumptious: Various Indian specialties - Samosa (triangle-shaped pastries filled with chicken, meat or vegetables), Pakora (deep fried veggies coated in a chick-pea batter) Kashimiri Naan - Indian bread filled with dried fruit and nuts, and more.

Go on to a selection of salad or soups. Nothing is as delicious as foods baked in a clay oven. And Kohinoor has a great selection of chicken, lamb, kebab and fish dishes. baked in the clay oven.

For your main course there is a long list of chicken, lamb, fish and if you want to go softer on the pocket book go with one of the vegetarian dishes. There are so many choices - three full pages of an oversized menu. You can choose from fish, chicken, lamb or vegetarian dishes, most served in a variety of ways: barbecued; marinated overnight in special Indian sauces; in a mint sauce; curried; spicy; in a wonderful gravy (like cashew nut!) and more. Speaking from experience, the Tandoori chicken simply melts in your mouth.

We suggest that you have rice with your main course. The basmati rice comes in four varieties: plain, with vegetables, with chicken or with lamb, mint and saffron.

Dessert: Excellent as well! They have a nice variety of choices including sweet-spiced carrot pudding, rice pudding, sorbets and a parve pistachio ice cream. When the waiter came over and asked, "Is everything alright?", he already knew the answer!

Try this...

Every evening, Kohinoor presents traditional Indian folk dancing. It is a little taste of the culture and folklore of India. Authentic garb, dimmed lights, appropriate music and skilled dancers all combine for a fantastic moment during your meal. Don't miss it.

appetizers: NIS 32, chicken and lamb entree: NIS 80. vegetable entree: nis 42 - 74. rice: 30 - 82 (with meat). breads: NIS 14 - 22. Dessert: NIS 28 - 32.

From Our Readers:
Submitted by:
PerryEstherZ., Date: Feb 2005, Description: What do we like about the restaurant? The service, that's the thing we like. The service and the food, that's the two things we like. The service, the food and the atmosphere, that's the three things we like (sounds a little like Monty Python ;-). Last night we played it safe: the appetizers for two (five types, at least, with that wonderful tamarind sauce on the side) and the meat platter for two (five types, again. Let's see: there was Chicken Tandoori, Chicken Tikka, the red one and the white one, two kebab made with lamb and herbs, and a lamb chop). Oh, yes, and the rice - Basmati rice with vegetables, and oh! what a lovely aroma from the spices they use. And to finish off, a cup of chai, with pareve milk, and, oh! the spices that make the chai so special. (And all that for 170 shekels after our eLuna coupon.) And the memories of romantic dates, at Kohinoor, from years gone by...

Submitted by: rachael Date: Nov 11, 04., Description: I dined at Kohinoor with my children, and the food was amazing. Even the special Indian bread was a delicacy in itself. There was a wonderful pistachio ice cream (white, not green) that kept me going back for seconds and licking my spoon again and again.. I had chicken in mango sauce and also broiled chicken with some Indian herb that turns it green, it was exquisite! The owner, a beautiful Indian woman, was there to answer all of our questions. I recommend this restaurant!

"To walk into our restaurant is to enter
a world of excellence where you are
greeted by the traditional charm,
coutesy and hospitality of the Indian
people, that has been perfected to an
art over the years." "This is the only
Indian restaurant in Israel, where price
shakes hands with quality and
quantity smiles."

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