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Vegan Restaurant
1 Hamasger St., Industrial Park, Ra'anana

Tel: 09-7404002

Kashrut: Rabbanut Raanana

Open Sunday Thursday: 12:00 noon 9:00 pm. Closed Friday, Shabbat and Motzei Shabbat.

June 2013
Ludens Restaurant is located in the Raanana Industrial park. This is a fully vegan restaurant, and one of the family of Buddha Burger restaurants. Naturally there is no meat or fish on the menu. More than that, no animal products are used in the food preparation. That means that dishes contain no eggs, milk or cheese.

Sound like there won't be much to eat?

If you think so, you are in for a surprise. The foods are plentiful and delicious. The menu is huge with a great variety and choices. There is a wide selection of burgers, burritos, tortillas, quinoa sushi, quiche, pizza, lasagna, stir-frys, pasta, raw dishes and a wonderful selection of fresh smoothies.

Ludens Natural Vegan Restaurant

Ludens restaurant is located on Hamasger street. The restaurant has one main room and a very comfortable outdoor deck. There is a large parking lot in front of the restaurant, closed with a bar to non-residents of the building during working hours but open after hours. There is ample street parking. Ludens has a modest presence on the block, so keep your eyes peeled for the restaurant,

Someone will have to explain to me why a vegan restaurant must offer dishes that are named for their meat equivalents. The Ludens menu lists burgers, shnitzel, shwarma and roastbeef. Of course none of these are meat dishes. So why call them by meat names? They certainly do not taste like their meat counterparts, so why go there?
I think this whole concept would be a lot more successful if they would lose the connection to meat.

Perusing the menu, the first thing that I noticed was the section of drinks based on soya milk. Why not?
The first one that caught my eye was the Pina Colada.
Hey! I'm in.
Not exactly the Pina Colada that I was thinking of, but this was a very tasty, cold, frothy drink that almost passed for the original.

Ludens is part of the Buddha Burger restaurant group. The burgers are the signature dish, which means that you know what I am ordering. The menu offers no less than 5 different burgers. We took the classic. The burger came in a roll with lettuce and tomatoes,wrapped in half a sheet of parchment paper, McDonalds style,to hold it together . You can have this sandwich with a double burger or a single. There are several toppings to choose from, and we chose the mushrooms. Without comparison to its meat equivalent the Buddha burger is quite a tasty dish.

I shared my burger with my dining companion, who was digging into his "tavshil" - a dish with cooked veggies served over either rice of quinoa. He was served a generous portion of cooked vegetables served in a bowl over quinoa. The spicing is mild and the dish was plentiful and filling, even shared by the both of us.

The restaurant also offers salads, burritos and rolls. The drinks menu includes a host of smoothies, which look especially attractive. There are also many gluten free items.

For dessert we shared a tasty slice of pie. I am not sure what it is called, but it was not too sweet and quite nice.

You can't beat the prices at Ludens. Menu items run about 35 shekels each. Our dinner of one pina colada, one classic burger, one order of quinoa with cooked vegetables came to 120 shekels.

The restaurant has room for 30 diners and more outside on the porch.

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