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31 Emek Refaim Street
German Colony, Jerusalem
Tel: 02-5636418
Kashrut: Rabbanut Yerushalayim

Open Sunday - Thursday 7am till 1:00am. Friday till one hour before Shabbat. Saturday night: till 1:00am. Closed Shabbat.

Thomas Masaryk Restaurant

May 2014 revisited September 2014
Masaryk restaurant, at the corner of Emek Refaim and Masaryk Streets, is a German Colony legend. The restaurant has been running for at least 15 years that I know, and probably longer. About a year ago Masaryk was taken over by Neta and her staff. They have brought a new young concept to the restaurant that we know you will love.

You won't recognize the old restaurant when you step into the new Thomas Masaryk Bistro.The new design is open and airy. The restaurant is one spacious room and bar, with functional dividers. A shelving unit with food products that are for sale cuts the main space. Wine bottles and barrels set the atmosphere. And the restaurant is now totally handicap-friendly.

Everything about the new Thomas Masaryk says "young and hip." The menu is graphic and colorful. Foods are light and delicious. The service is excellent. This is a place where you will want to return again and again.

About the Thomas Masaryk Menu

The culinary advisor for the new Thomas Masaryk Bistro is Mena Shtrum. She presents a young menu and a modern culinary concept.

What is the calling card of the new Thomas Masaryk restaurant? I asked.
The Pizza, we were told.
Has Masaryk turned into a pizza parlor?
Not on your life.

This is not any plain pizza. This is the good stuff, with a home made super-thin crust, cheese imported from Italy, and real tomatoes on top. Not fast food, this is pizza that should be called something else. You and your kids and your whole family will be delighted.

Before you go for the pizza, you must have one of the Thomas Masaryk amazing appetizers. "Bring us your best appetizers" we said, and out came two delicious dishes: mushroom in cream sauce and roasted beet salad.

I would never have chosen the beet salad, but the dish that hit the table was superb. Wedges of roasted beets were filled with goat cheese on a bed of yogurt. Wow. Just delicious.

"I'll take those mushrooms," I told my dining companion. That is my kind of dish. Mushrooms are stir fried and served in a cream sauce with chili and balsamic, and flavored with herbs. Yum.

The list of appetizers also includes other high end dishes such as ceviche and tuna tartar. Another time. And in fact, pizza is not the only main course. Rigatoni and linguini are also available as well as Masaryk gnocchi. There are also several kinds of fish.

Breakfast is an item at this early-to-rise restaurant. At Thomas Masaryk you can have pizza for breakfast. Shakshouka pizza . Or you can have a traditional breakfast at 50 shekels per person. You'll want that breakfast with a cup of the excellent Thomas Masaryk coffee. ,

Every day is a specials day at Thomas Masaryk.
Sunday: 1 + 1 on all pizza
Monday: 50% off all starters
Tuesday 50% off beer on tap
Sunday through Thursday 25% off the breakfast menu
and every day from 8 - 10pm it is happy hour at Thomas Masaryk.

Congratulations Neta on a job well done. You have turned stodgy Cafe Masaryk into the refreshing Thomas Masaryk bistro with something for everyone.

Starters: nis 26 - 42. Mushroom and chili appetizer NIS 34, Surprising Ceviche nis 42, Salads: nis 46 - 54, Pasta: nis 46 - 64, Pizza: nis 48 - 54.
Breakfast nis 50.

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