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31 Emek Refaim Street
German Colony, Jerusalem
Tel: 02-5636418

Kashrut: Rabbanut Yerushalayim

Open Sunday - Thursday 7am till 1:00am. Friday till one hour before Shabbat. Saturday nighttill 1:00am. Closed Shabbat.

This write up was submitted by Arnie Draiman (
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February 06
I admit it - I have been in love with Masaryk since its birth. I am considered an old-timer on the Emek Refaim corridor, having lived there since 1984. Masaryk was always a cut above the others that opened along the strip. And, not resting on its laurels, Masaryk continues to change, to improve and just stay a cut above the others.

What was once a real good coffee shop, is now a full fledged fantastic restaurant. Sure, they still serve coffee (and very good coffee, I might add), but Masaryk has become the only true dairy restaurant along the strip. And they have plenty of non-dairy dishes as well. But here's the best part: they still charge coffee shop prices!

The decor has been upgraded and it feels nice and comfortable to sit in Masaryk and watch "the Emek" go by. The appetizers are as good, if not better, than the main courses. My absolute new favorite is the Mushrooms In a Chili and Citrus Sauce. If you do nothing else for the rest of your life, sit down and taste this dish. It is real good. The taste lingers like the scent of jasmine on a nice spring day. It is not spicy. It is delicious.

Of course, they have other amazing appetizers. Rolled Eggplant in a Cream and Parmesan Sauce. (To die for), Sun-Dried Tomatoes in Lebane, Salmon wrapped in Filo Dough, or Bruschetto and Crustini. And they have succulent soups too: Minestrone, Sweet Potato, Tomato and the day we were there, they had a perfectly seasoned Cauliflower Soup. All are made fresh, from scratch.

If you are in the 'salad mood', Masaryk will do just right by you. They offer six or seven choices of full-meal salads. And sandwiches, too. Eggplant, Yellow Cheese, Feta, Roasted Veggies, Roquefort, Salmon - all are served on fresh baked bread, soft, and warm.

Masaryk offers a wide variety of main dishes. The fish is dishes are excellent. The restaurant staff goes to the shuk every morning and chooses the best and freshest fish. They offer Salmon (baked or grilled in an almond and wine sauce), Trout ("Forel" in a butter, wine and sage sauce), Mullet ("Buri" with Syrian Olives and Capers or in a Lemon Sauce) and a Sea Bream ("Labrack" either wrapped in filo dough with a Mushroom Wine sauce or baked with Capers and Lemon).

Masaryk   Masaryk

Even the side dishes that came with the fish were exquisite. A very nice selection of slightly grilled, but nicely done Sweet Potatoes, String Beans and Potatoes.

Pasta is an art form at Masaryk. The pasta is homemade fresh, daily. The flour for the pasta is imported from Italy. And when you eat the pasta, you can definitely taste the difference. Ricotta is use in the ravioli. You can get different types of filled ravioli: Pine Nuts, Eggplant or Roquefort. And they make their own Lasagna, Eggplant Parmesan and Pastagio.

The other pasta items include your choice of spaghetti or fettuccini (green or regular) with a very nice variety of very tasty sauces: Alio-Olio (ok, this is my other absolute favorite - a garlic and oil sauce, with chili peppers, sun-dried tomatoes, and leeks), Zucchini and Vodka, Mushrooms, Pesto, Sweet Potato, a flavorful Three Cheese sauce, or Salmon.

And now for dessert: various kinds of chocolate cake, ice cream, pie, and under the dessert section of the menu they have listed "Milkshakes". My 13 year old daughter can treat the milkshake like a whole meal, made fresh from real ice cream and milk. Thick and refreshing.

Can you imagine that you can get much of the above as part of the discounted business lunch??? Pasta dishes are 50NIS and fish dishes are 60NIS and it includes an appetizer and drink (cold, hot or beer!).
Masaryk Street, Jerusalem, 1958 Masaryk opens early for breakfast and serves breakfast until noon. The shakshouka is perfect - not too runny, not overdone, seasoned and spiced.

Masaryk: Consistently good food every time. It's that simple.

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