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5 Jabotinsky, Ramat Gan
Tel: 03-5090414
Kashrut: Rabbanut Ramat Gan

Open Sunday - Thursday: 7:00am - 11:00pm. Friday 7:00am - 3:00pm
Closed Shabbat. Open Motzei Shabbat:

Shany Bakery & Coffee Shop

March 2013
You may have heard of Shany Bakery and Coffee Shop. Especially if you are in Northern Israel. Shany has been around since 1964. For almost 50 years shany was known in Northern Israel for its gorgeous European style baked goods. Now Shany is expanding its menu to include coffee shop fare and branches are opening in central israel. We are ready for ya, Shany.

The Shany story begins in Vienna, the bakery capital of the world. Mother Englander operated a very successful bakery in Vienna till history happened. Son Alexander Englander picked up a thing or two about baking and running a high end bakery, at his mother's knees, and in Israel followed suite, opening an Austrian-style bakery in Haifa. He named the bakery Shany, which was his nickname.

Shany bakeries reputation grew and it became a center where cultured Europeans enjoyed their coffee with a delicious shany cake. Over the years Shany became a brand entwined with the history of Haifa and with the cities in Northern Israel.. One could not think of one without the other.

Shany is now a chain of bakeries/coffees shops, mostly located in Northern Israel. They are spreading down to central israel and we are ready for them.

The first branch in central Israel is in Ramat Gan, at the diamond exchange. That seems especially appropriate since their cakes look like edible jewels. Enjoy them with a cuppa at the restaurant or bring home delicious sweets.

About Shany menu

Shany Bakery has a large dairy Kosher menu (pasta, Pai, Salads, and specials of fish) along with over 200 types of cakes and bakery items to enjoy.

Our visit to Shany:
We visited Shany in Ramat Gan for lunch one long Friday afternoon. Even after 2pm folks were still coming in for breakfast and to buy cakes for Shabbat. We loved the look of the coffee shop, with its . clean white decor. There is a long bar where fresh squeezed juices and coffee are prepared. There is seating inside and outdoors, off Jabotinsky Street under umbrellas.

The one-page menu in concise and varied. It contains a selection of toastim, salads, sandwiches, quiches and pasta dishes. Most of the menu items are about 40 - 50 shekels. The portions are generous and can easily be shared with dining companions. We reckon that 160 shekels covers a meal and coffee. Desserts would be extra.

Although Shany is a bakery with all the luscious desserts that you would expect, the coffee shop menu shows a concern for calorie counters and special diets. There are sugar free cakes and a section on the menu for calorie-counters. There is also a section of gluten-free dishes but we were told that they are not in stock all the time.

My companion and I shared a salad for two and a quiche. These are standard size salads, but indeed they are actually large enough for two. We chose the roasted vegetable salad that was garnished with bits of toast and a balsamic dressing. The quiche was more of a soufflé than the quiche we are accustomed to. It too came with a small green salad. We split the soufflé, which was just enough with the large vegetable salad. The quiches and cakes are manufactured in the Shany facility in Haifa, and brought down to Ramat Gain every day.

The restaurant cakes are a great temptation. A presentation video broadcast on flat screens shows the bakery at work. That is a good way to tempt you to buy their cakes. We indulged in a piece of sugarless cheese cake, which was at least as creamy and tasty as any full sugar cheesecake that I have had. Then I had my favorite coffee shop hot drink - hot milk with chocolate chunks at the bottom of the glass. Stir up these chunks of chocolate and enjoy a delicious hot milk chocolate drink.

The service was attentive. There were plenty of servers. The food was good, the atmosphere friendly and cozy. Recommended.

Shany - Fetuccini Shany - Desserts

Pastas: Nis 48 - 54, Salads: Nis 38 - 45 (one person) - Nis 58 - 64 (two person), sandwiches: Nis 44 - 47. Desserts: Nis 8 - 49.

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