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80 Agripas St., Jerusalem
Tel: 02-546 5650
Kashrut: Rabbanut Yerushalayim
Handicap friendly

Open Sunday Thursday 6:30 pm till midnight.
Closed Shabbat.

Valero Bar/Restaurant

December 2017
Ready for something new? Welcome to Valero, which is anything but the same old, same old.

Where did that name come from? Tuns out that Jacob Valero was the 19th Century owner of the lot on Jaffa Street across from the Machne Yehuda Market, in the neighborhood of Bet Yaakov. An impromptu market developed on that lot that was eventually merged with Mahane Yehuda. The restaurant on Agripas Street near the market, takes its name from the history of the market.

Restaurants near the market have the advantage of being closest to the freshest fruits and vegetables. Chef Aviv Moshe takes full advantage of this location, buying fresh materials every day at the market. This is a meat restaurant with fresh-from-the-market veggie alternatives.

Valero is colorful and hopping. One look at the decor gives it all away. the glistening and well stocked bar. There is a rich alcohol list with unique cocktails, world wines, high quality whisky and more. Music is by DJ Dori Moshe with biweekly guest DJs.

The Valero Menu

The Valero menu offers a good variety of starters and main courses.
Folks who love Goose liver won't want to miss this dish made with dates, cassias and served on nut toast, even though it is at the high end of the starter menu. The Amberjack sashimi would be my choice with Hearts of palm, green tartar, amchoor cream, flavored with parsley, pesto,and pine nuts. There are several cured meat and fish dishes, if that is where you go, and some vegetarian choices like the Tomato confit made with Olive oil, almond cream, basil leaves, flavored with lemon zest and sage.

We have it on good authority that the main courses cannot be beat. At the high end Valero offers Veal fillet Carpaccio with Garlic candy ravioli, white celery cream, cooked in merlot. Nebraska Entrecote steak is 52 NIS per 100 gram. You'll probably want a few hundred grams of this delicious steak. Fish figures prominently on the main menu with caramelized salmon and sea bream fillet. Chef Moshe knows how to keep vegetarians happy in this strongly meat restaurant with the Mushroom Risotto main course that includes truffle, corn cream, sage fries, croutons and soy flakes.

From the menu: Starters: Goose liver NIS 86. Amberjack sashimi NIS 62. Tomato confit NIS 38. Salmon Tartar NIS 58.
Main Courses: Veal fillet Carpaccio NIS 138. Nebraska Entrecote steak is 52 NIS per 100 gram. Mushroom Risotto NIS 62..

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