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Malcha Mall, Jerusalem
Tel: 02-6791088

Kashrut: Mehadrin
Korusin Take Away menu

Open Sunday - Thursday 12:00 noon till 12:00 midnight. Friday till 2:00pm. Saturday night till midnight.
Closed Shabbat.

This write up was submitted by Aliza Bat David
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Revised January 08
Okay, so shopping is not one of my strengths. Two hours with my three daughters and their four opinions, one store forward and two stores back, and I’ve had it.  In the Malcha Mall, that’s when I head for Korusin Chinese Restaurant, on the third floor, directly above the food court.  The only enclosed restaurant in Jerusalem ’s premier mall, Korusin – the Asian option in the Korus chain – offers a soothing respite and freshly prepared food, at nearly the cost of carry-out one floor down. It’s also a great place for dinner before or after a movie, a meeting in the neighboring office complex or an event at Teddy Stadium.

Sleekly designed in black, white and red (down to the menus), with soft background music, linen tablecloths and even smoother service, Korusin opened just after the mall, more than 10 years ago. Its survival in this high-turnover environment testifies to its experience, consistent quality and faithful clientele. The menu is regularly updated for dining trends and the décor is revamped every 2-3 years.

Despite its name, Korusin is not only a Chinese restaurant. The extensive menu includes Chinese, Japanese and Thai options, with another whole menu just for sushi. So while you can find all your favorites – from egg rolls and wonton soup to 13 kinds of beef and 24 kinds of chicken – it’s worth your while to be adventurous. We especially loved the Coconut Soup with onion, cilantro and fresh mushrooms (nis 25), the Duck Capaw with chili, mint and garlic (nis 67), and the Pad Thai with cashews (nis 34). There are also many vegetarian options: chop suey, rice and noodle combinations, tofu stir-fries and fresh fish in a variety of sauces. And – for those in a party mood – there’s an extensive wine and cocktail list.

And all that’s before dessert! Definitely save room for the fried ice cream. A large scoop of parve ice cream, fried in a light batter, drizzled with chocolate syrup and fresh fruit, then set alight – at nis 25, my daughter proclaimed it vastly superior to the sweets she "normally" shares with her shopping buddies.

Korusin has a business lunch from 11:30 to 18:00 (nis55-79), children’s meals up to age 12 (nis45), and set menus for 2.3 and 4 dinners. It also makes deliveries, caters events for up to 300 and is wheelchair accessible. And, because all the food is made to order, special requests become standard. From personalized combinations, to no-nuts and MSG-free, the attentive but discreet staff is determined and able to please.

Korusin has a counter in the food court, a small branch near Jerusalem’s Ben-Yehuda pedestrian mall, and a more exclusive restaurant in Dmall Ramat Gan, with a private room for up to 50 diners.

With Korusin’s high standards and reasonable prices (especially for the set meals), who would venture elsewhere?  Unless of course you’re one of those people who actually enjoys pacing the mall, and prefers plastic cutlery and bolted-down picnic tables. If so, please let me know, I’ll lend you my kids.

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